Get Clean Testimonial

Hello Shaklee Friends, Something major just happened in our Shaklee life and I want to share it with you right away. UPS came up the driveway this afternoon, like they have been doing for 33 years, and they had a Shaklee delivery for us. This time it was a different kind of delivery. Instead of the regular brown shipping box that we are all used to getting, with our Shaklee Products in them, there is the UPS man handing me one of the first GET CLEAN kits ever to be shipped. I said to him as he was handing it to me that his job security just went through the roof as we would be shipping millions of these all over the world!!! Picture this: a beautiful white box with green leaves and a ladybug on the green leaves. Very eye-catching and pleasing to look at. Because the GET CLEAN message is on all 4 sides of the box and underneath that it says: ”Safe for You, Your Home and Your Planet”. As he handed me this box I knew without any shadow of a doubt that I was holding the future and a fortune in my hands. The first thing that it reminded me of was when Gateway Computers started shipping computers in those world renowned black and white Cow Boxes. Talk about branding. Well Shaklee Friends guess what? You got your Shaklee Branding and product awareness coming your way with GET CLEAN. Now for the first time, in the 50-year history of Shaklee, you have the coolest and cleanest and easiest way to build Shaklee Businesses. DO not limit your thinking or your efforts. This is a slam dunk!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN I had the great joy of opening this package, like a Christmas present, and it blew me away. We now have, BY FAR, the sure-fire way to help America go from Non Toxic Homes to GET CLEAN homes with one easy, professional right and tight way. Mark my words this will become the gift of choice from many people all over this country. My mind started to cook with ideas and it dawned on me: EVERY MOTHER IN EVERY MATERNITY WARD IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO WANT THIS GET CLEAN BOX DELIVERED TO THEIR HOME!!! Then it really started to dawn on me that all the pediatricians MUST be shown this beautiful GET CLEAN to make new parents aware of it. Then I am thinking how about all the allergists and dermatologists. There NEVER has been a way to offer them a simple and easy way to share Shaklee Non Toxic Cleaners….until right now. This is going to be a huge opportunity for those of you that want to expand and grow your financial wealth and do a great thing for the Earth at the same time. But it gets even better. Because for the first time in 50 years you now can sponsor Non Profit Organizations into Shaklee so they can get all the benefits that a regular member would get and that the days of fundraising by selling wrapping paper and candy bars just might have come to an abrupt end. Seriously, start thinking out of the box while really getting into the “box”. How about churches using this as a way to have their congregations protect and be stewards of the earth and direct the profits and commissions to the Church from GET CLEAN? How about all the schools and PTA’s. How about Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Rotary, Elks, Women’s Clubs and Environmental Groups. You can think of many more I am sure. You can bet that you are going to be the first one to bring those organizations something this cool and hip and lucrative and you will be rewarded. There is no place for this to go but up up up. No one else in the country has this product and program. The days of trying to put together cleaning kits and explaining everything about the cleaners just went bye bye. It really is all done for you. This is a great corporate gift giving idea for corporations that want to get green and stay green. That’s right. How about approaching all the Human Resource directors, Incentive Planners, Corporate Environmental Directors, CEO’s and Owners of big and small corporations and have them give these GET CLEAN boxes as Christmas gifts, promotion gifts or any other kind of gift. This is a way that they can support the greening of America. Thanks to Roger Barnett & Cindy Latham and her team for getting it so very right.

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