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Introducing Get Clean™ – Safe for You, Your Family and the Planet™.
Get Clean offers you cleaning choices that are SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN and SMART. Because when it comes to keeping your house clean and the earth safe, you shouldn’t have to choose.

Get Clean™ Starter Kit
Smart Clean. You would have to spend more than $3,400 to get the equivalent cleaning power in the Get Clean Starter Kit.

* Smart for You – Includes all the products and cleaning tools you need to start cleaning your way to a healthier home for you and your family.
* Smart for Your Wallet – The Get Clean Starter Kit replaces 830 bottles or boxes of conventional ready-to-use cleaning products you use in your house, kitchen and laundry –over $3400 of equivalent cleaning power.
* Smart for the Planet – When you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit instead of ready-to-use products, your helping reduce over 100 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and eliminating 248 pounds of greenhouse gases –this is the environmental equivalent of planting 10 trees.

Available September 15th
Get Clean™ Starter Kit


Basic H2™
With its incredible powerful formula, Basic H2 dominates grease, grime and dirt 1,000 different ways. Now doubly concentrated and just as earth friendly as original Basic-H, it can be used indoors or out on any washable surface.
Basic H2™ • New Double Concentrated Formula
• Less Streaking & Filming on Glass
• Milder Formula
• Better in Cold Water Available September 15th

Basic H2 ™Wipes
Now you can harness the power of Basic H2 in a convenient and biodegradable wipe that won’t leave any residue as it wipes out dirt, grease and grime.

* Super Convenient with the Cleaning Power of Basic H2
* Strong And Sturdy Wipe To Clean A Large Area
* Perfect For Quick Clean-ups
* Outperforms Pledge®* Wipes and Windex®* with Vinegar Wipes

Available September 15th
Basic H2 ™Wipes

Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover
Nature Bright uses natural enzymes and active oxygen to re-brighten laundry, de-stain upholstery, un-spot carpets and way more.
Nature Bright® Laundry Booster and Stain Remover • Tackles the toughest organic stains and will effectively remove: wine, grape juice, blood, perspiration, grass, grease, food stains, coffee, mold & mildew stains and much more.
• Outperforms OxiClean®* – 50% better on grass stains
• Convenient, Resealable Pouch comes with a measuring scoop
• Empty Refill Canister AvailableAvailable September 15th

Scour Off (formerly called At-Ease® Paste)
This scouring cleanser removes the toughest stuck-on messes without harsh chemicals.

* Great for tough cleaning jobs, inside and out
* Nontoxic, Biodegradable formula
* New Wide-mouth Jar Makes It So Much Easier To Use!

Available September 15th
Scour Off

KITCHEN CLEANERS Dish Wash Concentrate
Just a few drops of this natural, non-toxic dishwashing liquid powers through your greasy dishes and leaves your dishes sparkling clean
Dish Wash Concentrate • Tough on Grease– Removes Grease better than Method & Seventh Generation
• Gentle On Hands – Hypoallergenic & Moisturizing Formula
• Maximum long-lasting suds
• Fresh, Clean ScentAvailable September 15th

Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate (formerly called BasicD®)
The deep, enzyme activated cleaning power of Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate gently removes tough stains, leaving dishes and glasses sparkling clean

* Super Concentrated –Cleans 48 loads — just 2 teaspoons in each dispenser cup
* Dissolves quickly and completely, getting to work straight away
* Absolutely no chlorine and no fragrances which can pollute the air in your home
* New Convenient, Resealable Pouch comes with a measuring scoop
* Empty Refill Canister Available

Available September 15th
Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate

Hand Wash Concentrate (formerly Meadow Blend®)
This super mild, sudsy cleanser has wheat germ oil to moisturize, soy protein to condition, balm mint and gentian extracts to soothe, and juniper and spruce extracts to energize.
Hand Wash Concentrate • pH balanced -Mild On Skin
• Natural Botanicals
• Beautiful Dispenser Bottle AvailableAvailable September 15th


Fresh Laundry Liquid (formerly called LiquidL®)
This two-for-one concentrate outperforms leading detergents and big-name spot removers with enzyme activated natural cleansers.

* Super Concentrated, One small bottle cleans 32 loads –the same number as a conventional liquid laundry detergent 100 oz bottle
* Super Performance–outperforms Shout®* and Spray n’Wash®* in stain removal, and out performs All Small & Mighty®* as laundry detergent for removal of dirt and stains.
* Small bottle is EASY to Carry, Pour, & Store –small size fits on your shelf

Available September 15th
Fresh Laundry Liquid

Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder (formerly called BasicL® and BasicL® Free)
This super concentrated powder uses enzyme activated natural ingredients to get your clothes really clean.
Fresh Laundry Concentrate Powder • Super Concentrated – 5 pound box cleans 88 loads.
• Hypoallergenic formula won’t irritate sensitive skin
• Effective in hard or soft water and safe on all washable fabrics
• Fragrance or fragrance-free versions available
• Comes in 5 or 14 pound box easy open box Available September 15th

Soft Fabric Concentrate (formerly called Softer than Soft®)
Clean-smelling, silky softener reduces wrinkles and removes static cling.

* Super Concentrated – 32 ounces softens 64 loads
* Naturally softens, reduces wrinkles and controls static cling
* Makes ironing easier
* Small bottle is EASY to Carry, Pour & Store –small size fits on your shelf

Available September 15th

Soft Fabric Concentrate

Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets
Vegetable –based softener on a biodegradable sheet that breaks in two in the dryer for even distribution of softener and greater reduction of static cling.
Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets • Softens clothes and helps prevent wrinkles without perfumes or dyes
• Perfect way to reduce static cling and safe for all washable fabrics
• Rivals performance of Bounce in reducing Static Cling
• New Vegetable Based Softener – Shaklee Difference!
• New Biodegradable Sheet – Shaklee Difference! Available September 15th

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