Shaklee Recruiting advice

Hey everyone… are a couple ideas about recruiting for your Shaklee business. Let’s call it: Recruiting Advice for the fall (or anytime, for that matter!)

1) DON’T TAKE RECRUITING TOO SERIOUSLY. Building your team CAN and SHOULD BE lots of fun! Meet people and recruit with the intention of making a new friend rather than expecting to meet and train your next Executive Coordinator that moment. That doesn’t need to be determined the second you meet someone. You’ll have more fun and keep the pressure off.

2) IMPROVE YOUR OUTLOOK AND YOUR LUCK WILL CHANGE. If you have a negative outlook on yourself, your prospects, or your business you are SABATOGING your chances for success. Put all your failures (and successes) BEHIND you, think about the future, and enjoy the process!

3) TAKE A PROACTIVE APPROACH. Get off the couch and get out there! It’s a perfect time of year and recruiting is a numbers game. The more potential people you meet, the more likely you are to meet the right one(s)!

4) GET THE WORD OUT. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for people that you can help earn an extra $10,000/year p/t (average income of a Director in 2005) just to start with. Casually mention you are on the lookout for eligible business partners.

5) BE OPEN. Be open to meeting someone new everywhere you go. There are LOTS of opportunities throughout your regular day to meet new people.

6) CREATE A RIPPLE EFFECT. It’s smart to talk to anyone, anywhere, even if the person doesn’t seem to be the person you are looking for. You never know who that person might introduce you to in the future.

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