10 steps to building your business with Cinch

10 Steps for Building Your Business with Cinch

1. See the Opportunity

2 out of 3 Americans are considered overweight or obese; over 200 million people in the U.S. need to lose weight; we have a responsibility to share these products with others; this is about tackling issues that are much larger than ourselves.

2. Experience the Products

Go on the program; get familiar with the products and the software; the software is the key to success, both during and after the program.

3. Create an Opportunity for Others

Start a group of 10 people on Cinch; invite via email or personal phone call; schedule open houses so people can see the PowerPoint presentation and taste the products; have starter kits available for immediate sale.

4. Establish yourself as a Cinch Expert

Get comfortable talking about the program and approaching others; know the highlights of the PowerPoint presentation; we set up a support conference call on Wed 2 pm and 7 pm CST (865/362-4250 pin 2234#)

5. Recommend a 30 day supply for initial order

1 starter kit, 2 cans of shakes, 2 boxes of bars, 1 3-in-1 Boost; 1 box of tea; total 254.03 PV; ties in nicely with 3-for-free promotion that is currently running; makes person “bonus eligible.”

6. Follow-up with Member/Look for Referrals

After member is on program for a few days or a week; contact them and ask them to take a moment to think about the people they know who may have mentioned something in the past about their having tried to lose weight in the past and have been unsuccessful; this may be the program they are looking for; remind them of the cash rewards that are offered for referrals.

Purchase a 30 day supply 250 PV = $ 63.06 bonus check
Get 3 friends to do the same 1000 PV = $ 331.60 bonus check

7. Appoint Members to Distributors

Contact member and explain that they are eligible to earn bonuses and request permission to appoint them to a distributor; contact Field Support and appoint any members at 250PV or higher to distributors; they will earn a bonus based on their purchasing volume; this is the first step in helping them to see the opportunity that is available to them

8. Set up a Member Appointment

Prevents them from coming in “the front door” of your business via Cinch and then slipping out “the back door” never having seen any of the other Shaklee products or the business opportunity; purpose is to show other product lines that Shaklee offers, explain what Shaklee is about—Roger’s vision for global expansion, etc.; offer discounts and incentives that are available

9. Invite Distributors to Business Opportunity Meeting

This is a logical step after the member (now a distributor) has rec’d a bonus check; allows them to meet the other people in your organization; first step in showing them how they can participate in the business.

10. Work in Depth

Continue to sponsor people under others to build “legs”; duplicate yourself; break out directors; build in depth; qualify for incentives; maximize leadership bonuses; increase your rank.

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