Cinch Testimonial

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on my weight loss. I’ve been using Shaklee’s Cinch product for just over 3 weeks and have lost 15 lbs! I’ve lost many inches as well, it’s not always about the pounds. However, I know many relate better to pounds lost. Anyway, I wanted to share some simple observations with you:

*Good taste – really, you’d have to try it and see — Remember it’s 100% Guaranteed

*Cut down on my cravings to eat — Now let me be clear on something. You’re still going to want to “eat” brownies/chips/candy/etc. You still have to have some self discipline – It’s not magic but it sure is doable.

*Great program to follow that is laid out for you. You can make changes if you don’t care for a particular food. Even if you’re a Vegetarian you’ll be able to have a plan for you.

*No meetings that I have to attend. However I still have a support system that works!

*Bottom line for me.

About four years ago I was in pretty good health and my weight was under control. However that was interrupted when my horse threw me and I broke several ribs and hurt my back. This was during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. I put on about 15-20 lbs. Two years ago microfracture surgery on my left knee, again over the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. I could not put “ANY” weight on my left knee for 30 days. I gained another 15-20 lbs. My metabolism has slowed as I’ve gotten older (46 now) and I was carrying a lot of extra weight. My blood pressure began to elevate, to the point where I have to take medication. My back, knees and ankles always hurt (9 years of competitive basketball doesn’t help). Now, after 3 weeks on the program I can say without a doubt “that I feel better!” Now many of you are saying, well of course you do, you lost 15 lbs! Ok, but I hadn’t been able to before, plus, with this system you lose fat and not muscle weight. That’s a unique part of the program.

In case you didn’t know, obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. Even the children of the U.S. are fat! Take a look when you walk in the Mall or at the Grocery Store. You tell me if it’s not out of control. When I would look at the height/weigh charts I would see that I too, fell into the Obese section! I was part of GROWING America!!!! I got tired of how I was feeling – So I decided to give the program a chance.

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