Pep Team Income

The P.E.P. Team

The most powerful business building system ever created!

• Can you find (5) people who would be willing to evaluate Shaklee products…for FREE?!?
• Can you find (3) other people who could do the same AND earn $100 for each?
• Can you help teach those (3) people how to do the same thing you just did?
• If you answered YES, just imagine what the results could be:

Let’s do some MATH
60 X 50% = 30 X 100 PV = 3,000 PGV

YOUR RESULTS: You are now at your first BUSINESS LEADER level with Shaklee
(called DIRECTOR). There are special incentives, better pricing on products, etc.

YOUR COMMISSION: You would earn over $10,000/year from your “Power Plan” and
that is only the beginning! What if you decided to do it again??

Now, what if just 20% (1 in 5) of your evaluators decided to become Shaklee Distributors and they joined The PEP Team and they each went on to build a PEP Team Power Plan!?
What IF…!!!
EXPLODE your Personal & Group Volume!

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