Global Conference Testimonials

Gary & Ailene Rosentreter
Having never attended a major conference before, we really didn’t know what to expect when going to Shaklee’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco last summer. It had been promoted by our upline but we did not realize what a positive impact this top notch event would have in our business and personal lives.

Hearing Roger speak on his commitments, dreams and future of Shaklee cemented the belief in both the company and ourselves.

Listening to the various motivational speakers was amazing. Thoughts were that if a visually imparied world class adventurer could climb the major mountain peaks, then we most certainly could talk Shaklee to people. It was inspiring to see the many distributors on stage being recognized for various achievements. Thoughts again were the only differences between the master coordinators and ourselves was their longevity in the company and that they had talked to “just a few more people” than we had.

It was very exciting to observe members of our team who were present at this first class convention go from smoldering to igniting massive fires in their Shaklee journey. By attending the many workshops, we did learn from the best of the best how to become better leaders and to lead by example. With the help of downline, upline and even crossline, our business has grown almost 400%. We attribute this success directly to attending the national conference last year.

We can only imagine what this year in Nashville will bring! We do know that Shaklee is most definitely our future!

Jen & Nathan
Attending Shaklee’s 50th Anniversary Celebration/ Conference in San Francisco was incredibly amazing and it had a positive impact on our business and personal lives. The conference increased our belief level in the company, the business, the people and the products. We realized that we were definitely in the right place at the right time with the health and wealth industry. We made the decision in San Francisco to “run” with the business- sitting on the fence was no longer an option. Since August our Shaklee business has grown beyond our expectations. Our BGV in July 2006 (before the conference) was 857. In January 2007 our BGV was 5134!! Our check was over $1500, almost replacing Jennifer’s previous job’s take home pay! Attending the conference and experiencing the positive energy from everyone in attendance added fuel to the little fire that was burning. We shared our excitement and positive attitude with our entire team after returning from San Francisco. We are looking forward to the future and the opportunities this wonderful business will bring into our lives. The future looks bigger and better with every step we take.

Top 12 Reasons to come to Nashville with us?

#12 Possibly see something you would NEVER SEE AGAIN IN YOUR LIFEIME!!! Somehow, I agreed to the challenge, that if the worldwide FargoShaklee Team has 200 people in Nashville, I would walk across the stage in full and complete COWBOY GARB! I’m talking the huge belt buckle, the pants, shirt, hat, boots…the works. Clothing CHOSEN BY THE TEAM! (Ouch!) Somehow, me singing a Country karaoke song got thrown in on that bet…(bigger OUCH!) Anyone who knows me, knows that I not only don’t like country music, but I’ve NEVER worn cowboy boots, hat or a belt buckle in MY LIFE! So…that being said, Carmen and I are REALLY FOCUSED on having EXACTLY 199 people in NASHVILLE !!

#11 Be part of the “Extended FargoShaklee Team” making the biggest statement in ALL OF Shaklee about the POWER ALL OVER THE WORLD with our team!!!

#10 Get motivated. Get excited about your future. Get goose bumps. Have TONS of fun! Meet new friends; Party; Hang out; Swing dance!

#9 Learn what makes Shaklee different at our EXPO Center.

#8 Learn the secrets of top Shaklee leaders – the most experienced and successful in our industry.

#7 Be a star! Walk across stage with thousands cheering as your achievements are recognized!

#6 Grow in your understanding of Shaklee at the product and business building workshops.

#5 Be the first to learn about new, ground-breaking Shaklee products.

#4 Be inspired by Christopher Gardner, played by Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness. You’ll be reminded how belief and commitment to a dream can change someone’s life.

#3 Catch the vision for Shaklee’s next 50 years from Roger Barnett, Shaklee’s Chairman and CEO! It starts now!

#2 Attend a private Shaklee concert with 2-time Grammy winning country music singer, LeAnn Rimes!

#1 Your business can grow as a result! Statistics show those who attend a Conference report increases in average earnings and business growth.

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