Follow-up and Follow Through

Follow-up must take place in order to build a successful Shaklee business.

Having good follow-up, and following through with your new members and new business builders, is the continuation of the sponsoring and recruiting process. The reason why many people do not achieve their desired results in this business is to put it bluntly- their follow-up stinks! Follow-up is where the tire meets the road, allowing this business vehicle to drive you to the income level you want to achieve.

First you prospect, then you present, and then you provide ongoing follow-up and support for the members/business builders that are in your growing network. If you will adhere to this three-step process for building, you can not fail! The most important thing to realize about having good follow-up is that follow-up must take place after each step in the process. You need to follow-up with each new prospect you contact. You need to follow-up with each person you give a presentation to. You need to follow-up with each new member that joins your network (at any level) to buy products. You need to follow-up with each new business recruit that joins your network (at any level) to build a business.

Follow-up can be simple, easy, and fun, and it is the most financially rewarding part of the three-step process. The key to having good follow-up is in having an organized follow-up system that you systematically use with everyone that joins your network. You need to have the right tools for follow-up. You need to be organized and keep good records of your follow-up. If you don’t keep track, you will lose track of where you are at in your process with the new people joining your growing network. Your follow-up process will eventually breakdown. This can leave your vehicle stranded along the side of the road going nowhere!

Tips for Successful Follow-up

Rule # 1You are responsible for following up with every member and distributor that joins your personal group at any level. The two best follow-up tools to use to accomplish this are:

1. A Welcome Letter

2. Mail newsletters (or email) on a regular basis to everyone in your personal group.

· Make the phone your best friend—talk to people!

· Use email to stay in touch

· Utilize 3-way calls and conference calls

· Meetings are a must! You need to have regular meetings taking place to invite people to, to learn more about the products and the business

· Converse and meet with your business builders on a regular basis

· When the Shaklee catalog mailing goes out to all your active members, follow-up with your own newsletter and make phone calls to promote it

· When members/builders leave a phone message or email you with a question, follow-up ASAP. Do not let days go by indicating unimportance

The most important thing to remember about follow-up is that follow-up is always ongoing and always providing support and training for your people.

Always follow through with what you say you are going to do. Be professional!

Rod Larkin

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