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It’s hard to send something like this out because it makes me sick to my stomach to read it. I don’t EVER go looking for articles like this, but this one was front page on and it jumped out at me so I read it. Talk about an unbearable awful thing to live through as a parent. Our son is 18 months old and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about this.

(Read the short Associate Press article below)

The difficult part is that most people just DON’T UNDERSTAND how dangerous those cleaning chemicals can be!!!!! Worse, is knowing there are ABSOLUTELY NO REASONS to have products like those our homes and this particular circumstance was 100% preventable! I’m not going to be as melodramatic as to say, “Replacing your home care products with Shaklee’s Get Clean products will save your life”…but guys, that is really what it can come down to. This tragedy just happened immediately. EVERYONE who has chemicals like this in their home are affected EVERY DAY – whether they feel it or not – facts are facts. Those things can kill you. It’s just takes months or years to see the adverse health signs in most people. The long-term effects of chemicals in common household cleaning products is scary. Don’t believe me…Google it if you want. There is a TON of evidence out there now to prove it.

Yes, you DON’T leave a bunch of cleaning products in a tub with a 3 year old and a 1 year old around. But the point is this: When many of those products are flat out BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH…and when Shaklee’s Get Clean products are SAFE for your family, they are CHEAPER than what you buy at the store, they PERFORM better than what you buy at the store, and they are SAFE for the Environment….give me ONE GOOD REASON why someone who knows there are alternatives isn’t using Get Clean!! (Trying to ‘use up what we already have’ is a REALLY BAD ONE, in my opinion) As a parent, I will say THROW THEM AWAY! Don’t let a few dollars affect, what I believe to be, a very important CHOICE concerning HEALTH. I would suggest getting something that is safe for our families and the planet.

You can’t ‘un-ring the bell’. Help make people AWARE of this stuff…once people know, they will make the right choices.


1 Boy Dead, Another Injured After Being Found in Tub Full of Cleaning Supplies

Thursday, May 03, 2007

LAKELAND, Fla. — A 3-year-old boy died and his 1-year-old brother was injured after they were found unconscious Thursday in a bathtub filled with water and cleaning solutions, Polk County authorities said.

Ashenka Broome, 24, said she put a mixture of water, bleach, Pine-Sol, and Mr. Clean in the tub to clean it, according to Carrie Rodgers, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office.

While mopping the kitchen floor, Broome realized she did not hear her sons and went to look for them. She found them upstairs in the master bathroom tub, Rodgers said.

Broome brought the boys downstairs and called for help. Neighbors performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Jasmon Rudolph was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, Rodgers said. Jastin Rudolph, was airlifted to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, and was expected to make a full recovery, authorities said.

An autopsy will be performed on Jasmon Rudolph to determine the cause of death.

It was too early in the case to determine if charges would be filed, Rodgers said.

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