November and December Are the Busy Months

This is it. This is the time when businesses either stagnate or GAIN MASSIVE MOMENTUM.

November and December: Possibly the two best months for your Shaklee business. Why? Because many other people make excuses. Those who DON’T gain ground on everyone else!!!! In my 11 years of Networking I’ve had some of best months (and our single largest month ever) in November and December.

There are so many things Shaklee has put on the line for us: Rank Advancement bonuses, customer loyalty incentives (Buy 3 get 3 FREE), Sponsor 3 Incentives, the pre-launch of Shaklee Taiwan, the INCREDIBLE trip planned to Xcaret, Mexico and much more!!!!

(BTW, Carmen and I leave for the 8 day Shaklee Star Cruise on Friday to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel . We wish you guys were coming with – trips are MUCH MORE FUN with lots your friends!! J This will be our first Shaklee trip so we will make sure to take some pics and videos to share and we’ll see if Shaklee trips actually live up to their reputation – we think they will!!)

So, I know many of you have some VERY serious plans to make LARGE STRIDES in your business in these last 8 weeks and you are COMMITTED to get results. I believe the new business created in the next 2 months will be the platform for success in 2007. There is THAT MUCH on the line. This time of year people are INTERESTED in making money for Christmas, losing weight (b/c we all eat too much!), and everyone realizes they would like to spend more time with family and doing the things they LOVE and they need an opportunity that will allow them to do that!!

Senior Coordinators Mike & Tara Gregg (along with Coordinators: Gary & Ailene Rosentreter and Brian Gullickson) had a meeting on Halloween evening with 15 or so of their leaders and they talked about WHAT WILL IT TAKE to hit your goals in the next 8 weeks. Below are some ideas from that meeting

The end of the year is 8 weeks from last night.

Here are a couple of ideas. Implement what makes sense to you first thing tomorrow morning!

1. Decide where you want to be in your business by December 31st
a. Make sure that goal is:
i. Something that you BELIEVE you can accomplish or you won’t go for it, and
ii. It’s something that it’s big enough you are willing to MAKE EXCUSES why you CAN work your business…not excuses why you can’t.

2. Get a BIG CALENDAR you can hang on your office wall that allows you to write you IPA’s (Income Producing Activities) on it every single day. I always have the next 4 months on my wall.

3. Block off the times you know you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT show someone the business or the products. Work, kids activities, Christmas parties, etc.
a. Realize that holiday times are an opportunity to see quite a few people you only see a couple times a year. This ISN’T the time to ‘hammer them with Shaklee’, but it is the time to ASK QUESTIONS. F.O.H.R.M. (Family Occupation Health Recreation Money) and find the need.

4. Figure out how many new Distributors need to come into your entire business to help you accomplish your goal. (Average Distributor = 100pv +)
a. Divide that by 8 so you know what needs to happen each week.

5. Figure out how many people need to SEE the products/business to get 1 Distributor (or Member) to sign up. I would suggest that if 2-3 people see the info, 1 will either buy products or join the business. Multiply your number from Step 5 times the number in Step 6. That’s your ACTIVITY GOAL for your business each week!!

6. Join the PEP Team (again or for the first time). How many people would like to evaluate the best Natural Nutrition products and business out there for FREE? Most people will be EXCITED about that opportunity!!

7. Find the tool that will work best for you to put in the hands of MASSIVE numbers of people and let it do the work for you.
a. Suggestions:
i. ACTION DVD (Cinch Commercial, Cinch Opportunity clip, etc)
ii. Join Us DVD
iii. Success from Home magazine
iv. Etc.
b. I would suggest putting that tool in the hands of 10 NEW PEOPLE EACH AND EVERY WEEK!! That’s 80 NEW PEOPLE that have exposure to Shaklee. Imagine the possibilities! Tools give confidence. Meaning, it’s much easier to approach cold/cool/referral market if you have a tool that can ‘spark the interest’ for you. If 10 people interested in losing weight watch the Cinch Product Presentation on the Action DVD for 13 minutes you WILL HAVE people who want to hear more!!!!!!!!

8. Book your in-home’s NOW. How many? Depends on your goals. Would 2-3/week be too many? Depends on your goals. I don’t think so….but would a good effort for 60 days be worth an all expense paid trip to Xcaret with a chance to hang with best of the best in Shaklee? You decide!
a. Ask your Members/Distributor s (TELL the ones you can tell!) that they need to set an in-home and get 4-8 people there for you. Pick the date, work toward it!!

9. Put together your list for Product Presentations and lunch/breakfast/ evening Opportunity One on One’s.
a. Decide your number per week.

10. Decide how many calls you need to make per day. It’s much easier to start when you know when you can stop!

11. Put together you cold market or advertising campaign with your upline.

12. Do more than you think you can and more than you think you need to for 8 weeks. FOCUSED effort in spite of potential distractions is the key to building momentum. Your positive results will be greater than you think they will. In our business, results MULTIPLY!

13. In short, PLAN YOUR WORK….then WORK YOUR PLAN. You’d be amazed at what happens!

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