Finding the right person makes a difference


The following is a great example of growth taking place for Monica Marrone. My comments in blue.


Hi Gary,

I just wanted to let you know that April was even better than March. I had 14 people come into my group. Nine that I personally sponsored. I broke 5000 PV for the first time. Monica’s business has changed the past few months because she hung in there and learned what worked.

The most exciting event for the month was sponsoring another new distributor. A young woman – Amy that I was referred to by someone in my BNI group. Her interest as far as I knew before we met was for products to help her with her athletic endeavors as she runs and competes in races. I started out sharing my story and then asked a lot of questions and she just opened up about her health and her life. We really hit it off and I did a full opportunity presentation in addition to the normal nutrition presentation that I usually do at those type of appointments. She was hungry for the Shaklee message and started to see possibilities for herself right away. Follow the sequence…Monica told her story, asked questions, nutrition presentation, showed the earning opportunity in it’s entirety, the part she added recently is showing the opportunity in it’s entirety. Show it folks, tell the entire Shaklee story and you will get results like Monica.

She sponsored and started on some products and got great results. She started telling people that she was interested in starting a Shaklee business and got positive feedback from all the important people in her life. I met with her and her husband this past tuesday to confirm their desire for Amy to get started in a Shaklee business and it went really well. By the end of the meeting she was telling me that she wanted to set goals before we wrapped up our meeting, so we set 90 day goals right then! Believe me folks, there are many people like Amy out there just looking and waiting for someone to tell the entire Shaklee story to them.

Since Tuesday she has scheduled four appointments (one that we already did together) one group event and sponsored 3 people. Terrific start and Amy will have her story to tell now and how she got started. I presented her with the Get Clean challenge that the McCummins group used last fall. I buy her the starter kit and she agrees to do 20 presentations in 10 weeks. GREAT IDEA! a PLAN TO HELP SOMEONE GET STARTED DOING THE RIGHT THINGS.She jumped at the chance and started scheduling appointments right away! What a delight to find someone who is ready and willing, who is coachable, who does what I ask them to do. Who does what they say they are going to do. No more coaxing…What a difference it makes when you find the right ones. I believe that the day is coming when people will be seeking us out asking if they can become Shaklee distributors. The above says it all doesn’t it, finding the right person makes a diffiernce BUT I believe that Monica is the one who also made a difference because she is now showing the entire Shaklee opportunity. Doing the right things is as important as finding the right person. What would happened if she did not show the Shaklee opportunity in it’s entirety? My guess is I wouldn’t have received the e-mail describing Monica’s excitement.

I look forward to seeing you on May 19th. Thank you again for all your support and mentoring.


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