Is your product significant?

It is strange as I look at profiles, I see people talking about how great of product they have. Overall, most companies in network marketing have decent products. The question is how significant is the product? We all want to be able to promote a good product, but let us look at the reality behind it. How many have marketed your product to someone that had great results, but since they couldn’t afford it, they stopped ordering. Most have had this happen!. Lets say that we have a product that costs $150. How many people do you know that have been making $500, and even though the may not have had the best results from your product, they will continue ordering $150 each month to get that $500 check. So the question remains, how significant is your product. As we stated, most companies have a good product, but the business model is what will retire people. What we must do is get people making so much money that they can’t afford to quit! It would be difficult to find many people that made their millions off of finding customer after customer. The ones that have made it BIG have found other business builders that got excited about the business structure. Now please don’t think that I am saying forget about your product. The product is what keeps the company legal. It is the foundation that it is built on. But, if you want to retire through network marketing, get good at gaining product customers, but get very good at finding business people. If you must get good at one more thing, get good at becoming wealthy!

Robert Kiyosaki

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