Omega Guard….Fish: Friend or Foe?

Hi everyone…there are SO MANY articles about the importance of a good fish oil. The positive benefits simply cannot be denied. Once can IGNORE THEM if they choose to…but that doesn’t mean that the benefits of taking a GOOD fish oil supplement (or the risks of not taking one) aren’t very real. Even main stream media is really starting to report what Shaklee has known for YEARS – that you can either try to eat a good balanced seafood/fish diet every single week and hope you get fresh fish that isn’t contaminated…OR….get the best fish oil supplement available in the world today. Omega Guard is much cheaper and safer then trying to eat fish 3 times/week.

Still eat fish…don’t me wrong…I love fish. All I’m saying is that there are some Shaklee products that you can “PHYSICALLY FEEL” the difference almost immediately when you take them (ESP, CorEnergy, etc). Omega Guard helps lower cholesterol, improve nervous system and brain function, helps prevent heart disease, helps you control weight, helps your joint function, helps support eyesight, and MUCH MUCH more! Some of Shaklee’s products you “INTELLECTUALLY FEEL” how they help much quicker than you can physically feel how they help. That’s because it’s PREVENTION, not TREATMENT. Does that make sense? Omega Guard may be more in the “intellectual” side at first…but the benefits to your physical and mental health are HUGE!!!!

Get a cheap fish oil at Sam’s or CVS and hope it has all the EPA/DHA in it and that there are no toxins in the fish oil to harm you…or…spend $.85/day to KNOW you are seriously helping your health!! (85 cents per day??!!) How much would it cost you to EAT FISH every single day and HOPE you get the benefits you KNOW you get from Shaklee’s patented Omega Guard??? A LOT MORE than 85 cents per day!!

Check out the article from MSNBC below, then get on AutoShip with Omega Guard. Item number: 20244.

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