Using Oprah in a Healthy Home Presentation

Hey Team,

I’m forwarding a great e-mail on how powerful home meetings are, but before you read that one, I wanted to share one of our stories.

Michele and I did a home meeting just last week (using the Oprah video of course) and these were our results:

# of guest – 7

4 became members and ordered the Get Clean Kit

3 placed small orders

Total over 350 PV

And the best thing is we have 1 definite and possibly 3 total other home parties.

With Oprah on our side, this is THE BEST time to start having home parties!

Let us know if we can help. (Hurry though, our agenda’s filling up!)


Toni Pulcini & Rob de Schryver
Michele Ashenden & Vic Pulcini
Business Builders & Wellness Advisors

Greetings Shaklee Team!

I want to share with you how an in-home went in a business builder’s home in our personal group. Ed & Jane Goeckel scheduled a Healthy Home presentation for last Friday night.

I took my laptop and hooked it up to their TV with S-video cable and did the presentation on their TV. They also had wireless Internet, so I had the Oprah video clip from Shaklee’s web site cued up and ready to play. When I got to the page on Get Clean, I told the guests about the Oprah show and then played the video clip. I then presented the Get Clean kit and products and did the Nature Bright and iodine demo, and went on to conclude the rest of the presentation. I find now that most homes I go to have a TV with S-Video jack and this is a great way to do your presentation in the living room or family room off of your laptop. I have a wireless remote to advance the slides from anywhere in the room.

Ed and Jane had 4 guests, 3 became members and ordered Get Clean kits and along with other products ordered, the PV for the event was 200. This is a very predictable average for this type of event. Having tracked the actual results of over 300 Healthy Home in-home events, the average # of guests is 6, average # of new members sponsored is 2, and average PV in orders is 225. This is important to understand because as long as a person keeps doing in-home events like this, they will have these kind of numbers. Some events will produce bigger results, some will produce smaller results, and there will also be some no shows. As long as you remain consistent in doing in-home events, the law of averages will always be working in your favor and produce solid results.

We started at 7:00 and we were done by 8:00 including intro, presentation, video clip, product demo, and short wrap up about the income opportunity. they served some refreshments and visited with their friends after the presentation while taking care of the memberships and orders.

Ed & Jane sponsored another new member yesterday with a Get Clean kit- 4 new members in 4 days and 251 PV.

The Oprah clip is a powerful 3rd party credibility tool, about as powerful as any Company could hope to have. We will have this tool to use for years to come. It really gets people’s attention and validates what we are offering with Shaklee. Very powerful. We use this clip now at all of our meetings.

Another quick example, of several more we can share, of the growth power in doing in-home events— We have a new 2nd level Director team, Kim and Larry Crabtree (Hovis team) who set a goal this January to build to Director, and they made a commitment to do 1 in-home event each week for one year. Do the math on 50 in-homes using the averages above in terms of new prospects they will meet, new members they’ll sponsor, and new PV they will generate– and don’t forget all the repeat orders that will follow. In January their group PV was 267, February 1388, March 2017- New Director, and April 2288. They now have 2 business building legs they are working with.

Since the Oprah show aired, our business organization is averaging sponsoring 20 new members/distributor s a day, 7 days a week.

Rod and Danette

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