Cinch Testimonial

Last May I had my annual physical exam, and my cholesterol was elevated enough and the ratio between good and bad was bad enough that my doctor insisted on prescribing a cholesterol- lowering drug for me to take.

I didn’t like the idea of taking the sort of drug whose nasty side-effects tend to show up a decade or more after it comes on the market. So I decided to lose weight instead. I went on a low-fat diet which had worked well for me before, but after 3 months I had lost only 10 pounds and was getting the feeling that I was beginning to con myself about what was low-fat.

Fortunately Cinch was released at that time, so at the end of August my wife and I went on it. For the first time in our marriage she and I were on the same good diet.

The Cinch diet is easy and I feel good while on it. I never get hungry and the only drawback was some constipation and gas for the first two months. Sometimes nothing changed in my weight or measurements for as long as four weeks running, but since the twelve-week course wasn’t over yet, I stayed on the diet, and things got better in sudden unpredictable lurches.

I was at a four-week plateau when the twelve weeks ended and was ready to go on maintenance even though I hadn’t reached my goal weight. But my wife wanted to keep on the full diet, and since I liked the diet, I decided to do so too. By the end of December I had lost a total of 30 pounds (20 of it on Cinch) and so many inches that I’d gone through all the holes and had to change belts twice. None of my pants fit any more.

I got new labs in December. My doctor sent me my values, which were all good now. She wrote that she was very pleased and said I should keep on the drug she’d prescribed. But I’d never even filled her scrip, so I’ll keep on Cinch.

We visited both our kids over a 6-day period at Christmas. No diet. No exercise. Christmas goodies to nibble through the day. I’m told that when you take this kind of break on the Cinch program things don’t fall apart. I weighed and measured myself on
New Year’s day: I’d lost a pound and ¼ inch of waistline while being bad! It was no trouble getting back on the diet where I belong. It’s just as good as naughty food.

– Daniel Pugh , MD

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