from Sandy Bevacqua PhD

Headaches and migraines are a sure sign of a toxic system. Other symptoms may be constipation/diarrhea. A healthy system will have 2 or more bowel movements per day, it perspires whenever it should and urinates 2 or more times a day.

For headaches and migraines a detoxification program is required.

1. Hydration is essential.
Alfalfa is necessary to cleanse and purify the blood.
Herb Lax to cleanse the colon and bladder.
Liver DTX is for detoxing the liver.
Optiflora to replace healthy flora and continue to detoxify.
This part of the program should be continued until the system is healthy (see above).

2. Decrease the use of Herb Lax and increase fiber gradually.

3. Once the system is clean, begin a health- building regimen. The following supplements, along with a healthy diet and good hydration, will move you toward optimal health:

Vita-Lea 2 /day OsteoMatrix 4/day
En Soy Protein 3 tbls/day Alfalfa 12/day
Herb Lax 2-4/day Omega Guard 6/day
B Complex 6/day GLA 6/day
Vita C 6/day

Foods that can cause headaches:
Cheese, chocolate, alcohol (esp. red wine), pickled herrings, soy sauce
All foods containing amines
Monosodium Glutamate and food colorings
Fruits: bananas, plums and pineapple
Milk products and wheat products.

Emergency Care Recipe for an on-coming migraine:

2 B-Complex 4-5 Alfalfa
2 OsteoMatrix 2 OmegaGuard
2 GLA 1 8 oz glass of Performance

Do this once every hour until you get results.

Additional notes from Barb

There are many causes of migraines and headaches..

Hormonal imbalance ….
Candida over growth
As well as toxins mentioned above.

New research is indicating excellent results with Vital Mag.. It is a newer product and reports are coming in that even 2 a day ( one am , one pm ) are helping enormously..

The above recommendations will help with most migraines ..
But if there is not 100% improvement, also consider the Candida diet …

Emphasizing fresh raw vegetables ( salads daily with at least 5 different ingredients) and reduce or eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates and snacks ( B Complex and the Energizing Protein mentioned above really helps )

Remember when Candida “ dies off” .. it releases toxins.. so it is not unusual to experience detoxing symptoms once in a while .. after many days of being symptom-free…

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