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Compare Any Other Health Products Company to SHAKLEE

The following points on the SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE were recently presented to a gathering of SHAKLEE members and distributors by Cindy Latham, PhD, Senior Vice President of New Product Development, SHAKLEE Corporation. Greensboro, NC 9 November 2004

v We conduct extensive quality checks on SHAKLEE products, including testing over 350 pesticides.

v The aerial parts of plants that are grown organically can be contaminated with lead, coming from exhaust from cars. This is a major problem in Asia. This is a huge point of difference in SHAKLEE products.

v As a result of SHAKLEE science, SHAKLEE products perform differently. Their aim is to create BALANCE, to let the body naturally heal itself. By contrast, stimulation does not create balance.

v Example: Hormones. SHAKLEE scientists are often asked why they dont produce hormones like other companies. SHAKLEE considers taking hormones to be taking something the body naturally creates on its own. Supplying such a substance for the body can create a dependency, an addiction, as it were, in which the body stops doing its own job of producing the hormone for itself.

v SHAKLEEs purpose is to give your body the right tools to create its own proper balance.

v There is clinical documentation behind every single statement made by SHAKLEE. We keep it on file to document for the FDA.

v Bioavailability of SHAKLEE products is achieved by targeting the exact delivery point of a nutrient within the body. Research then validates its success.

v Glucose Regulation Complex allows the cells to use the insulin already in the blood stream. Other products on the market for insulin resistance may increase the production of insulin in the body. This is exactly the WRONG thing to do.

v May 2004 Consumer Reports has an article on the Dirty Dozenbad ingredients in nutritional supplements. SHAKLEE is the ONLY company that has NEVER sold ANY of these ingredients.

v Enfuselle now has 8 patents. It is conventional wisdom that we should not be able to reverse damage within the skin. Enfuselle has proven it CAN. See the UV photos in our catalogue. As a result, several major pharmaceutical companies wanted to license Enfuselle. SHAKLEE will not license this line to anyone, and our patents are enforced for 15 years.

v There is a huge, growing market for vitamins that will help us look better and that will slow aging, and that at the same time are safe and natural.

v Our Sustained Release Vita-C is in a natural gum base resin, not a synthetic plastic release system.

v Our soy protein has 4 clinical studies. It has a proven low glycemic response. Perfectly balanced amino acids are in identical ratio to those found in the human body.

v ½ of all men and 1/3 of all women will develop cancer in their lifetime.

v Of 167 chemicals currently found in the average blood stream, 76 cause cancer in humans and animals.

v A science friend of mine once told me that when a person stands on a street corner and breathes in the fumes from a passing bus, the amount of free radicals entering their body in that SINGLE MOMENT is more that a person 150 years ago may have been exposed to in their ENTIRE LIFETIME.

v FlavoMax and CarotoMax are our armor and shield against free radicals to add to our basic foundation program for daily protection.

v For example, the blueberries for FlavoMax are picked in Nova Scotia in August, the RIGHT TIME to maximize their anthocyanidin content. Likewise with each ingredient. Tomatoes picked in Israel are non-GMO and contain the highest lycopene content. They are picked at the RIGHT TIME.

v Antioxidant value tested against 7 competitors (including Juice Plus) for the potent value of its flavonoids. SHAKLEE far exceeded them all.

v SHAKLEEs nail polish has no phthalates, formaldehyde or toluene. Other nail polishes are supposed to disposed at places like your local gas stations. SHAKLEEs can be thrown away in your garbage.

v Yet measures of its long-lasting and chip resistance qualities are equivalent to the top of the line nail polishes.


If you want to feel bad, that’s your business. If you want to feel better, that’s OUR business!


SHAKLEE recommends that consumers and potential customers consider these fundamental questions:

What kind of information is available on ingredient specifications, safety and quality testing? As many as 63,000 laboratory tests for quality are performed on SHAKLEE Nutritional Products and their ingredients in a single year, and as many as 176 separate tests for purity, freshness, potency, and safety are performed on the raw ingredients for a single product. SHAKLEE products also undergo as many as 262 separate quality assurance tests throughout the manufacturing process.

Are the health and nutrient claims, if any, based on anecdotal information or on scientific data? The success and superiority of SHAKLEE food and nutritional supplements lay in SHAKLEE’s scientific approach. All product label claims are based on documented substantiation, not heresy, testimony, or anecdotal evidence. This is an important test of product efficacy.

Are the products backed by published clinical research studies? Ask to see published research. How much is there? Is it peer-reviewed as is SHAKLEE published research? Where has it been published? Over the years, SHAKLEE has conducted numerous clinical studies whose results have undergone the difficult and rigorous process of peer-review. Nearly 90 clinical studies relating to SHAKLEE products have been published with many of them appearing in prestigious scientific journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of Applied Physiology and Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Does the company invest in and operate their own Research and Development Center and Food and Nutritional Supplement manufacturing plant? The Forrest C. SHAKLEE Research Center in Hayward, California dedicates 52,000 square feet of space to research and development laboratories to bring scientifically based superior products to SHAKLEE customers. SHAKLEE’s advanced-technology Food and Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing Facility in Norman, Oklahoma dedicates 312,000 square feet to the high quality production of SHAKLEE’s superior food and nutritional supplements. With a commitment to the future, SHAKLEE jointly operates with its parent company, Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical, Yamanouchi-SHAKLEE Pharma, a multi-million dollar research facility located in Palo Alto, California at the Stanford University Research Park.


Regarding the vitamins, SHAKLEE leads the world in clinical research on nutritional products, having already invested well over 180 million dollars. No other company has spent anywhere near that much.

About product quality: People say:

1. “A vitamin is a vitamin. They’re all the same aren’t they?”

2. “There are lots of companies claiming that their product is the Best!”

3. “Does one company’s products REALLY work better than another’s?”

4. “Why not just buy the cheapest?”

5. “Who do you believe? Consumer CONFUSION is rampant in the ‘Holistic Arena'”

The bottom line is ….. QUALITY determines RESULTS!

There are 1000’s of brands of food supplements on the market place, but let’s look at some quality control reviews:

Example 1: Regarding BIOAVAILABILITY (which means….do the nutrients in the product get absorbed into the bloodstream AND is there published, clinical evidence to prove it?) A simple test on Vitamin E showed the following results:

Five brands of 200 I.U. Vitamin E were tested for delivery to the blood stream. The results were: Brand 1 = 0.15 units absorbed, Brand 2 = 15.0 units absorbed, Brand 3 = 1.0 units absorbed, Brand 4 = 67.0 units absorbed, Brand 5 = 200.0 units absorbed (this was SHAKLEE)

Example 2: PRODUCT STABILITY is a big issue. Here’s an example: Acidophilus and Bifidus products are being highly promoted today. BUT the following is a university study showing the amount of active bacteria found when microflora products were randomly selected and tested off the store shelf: The label claimed the following numbers “At the time of manufacture”: Obviously the body will benefit only from what gets delivered to the intestines.

Label Claim Microanalysis Results: Brand 1: 2 billion/NONE, Brand 2: 100 million/1,500 only, Brand 3: 250 billion/30 million, Brand 4: 1 million/NONE, Brand 5: 500 million/500 million (this was SHAKLEE, but SHAKLEE goes further – guaranteed delivery in gut)

Example 3: In January 2000, the University of Guelph did an investigative report and found the following: They tested JAMIESON, Imperial Ginseng, Red Dragon Brand (on the label it said “Premium Ginsengs of the Chinese Emperors”) They were 500 mg capsules. Two test lots were done: Lot #1 = 0.3 mg active ginsenosides per 500 mg capsule, Lot #2 = NO active ginsenosides per 500 mg capsule The results are obvious – this product is pretty useless.

Example 4: In 1998 the U.S. Department of Agriculture Report randomly selected 43 Ginseng-labeled products and tested them for active ingredients. The results: 39 of 43 had NONE! That’s 91%

Example 5: In January 2000, the University of Guelph reported on Garlic tablets tested: 100% of all Garlic tablets tested DID NOT meet the label claim for “Allicin” – the medicinal ingredient in Garlic. 33% had NO ACTIVE ALLICIN at all.

Example 6: This was a 1999 CTV report on St. John’s Wort. 70% of products tested contained fewer active ingredients than the industry standard. 10% contained NO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS.

Example 7: This was the same 1999 CTV report on Ginkgo Biloba. 50% of Ginkgo Biloba products tested contained fewer active ingredients than the industry standard. 25% contained NO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS.

The supplement and herbal industry is very poorly regulated, and therefore, it is up to the buyer to BEWARE!

That’s why SHAKLEE is the most trusted name in Clinical Science. They follow stringent QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS, some of which are as follows:

1. Up to 176 separate tests for PURITY, FRESHNESS, POTENCY and SAFETY are performed on the raw materials for a single product.

2. To protect delicate enzymes and confirm PRODUCT STABILITY temperature controls are monitored (not more than 55 degrees C or 131 degrees F)

3. Products undergo as many as 262 separate QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTS throughout the manufacturing process.

4. SHAKLEE performs more than 250 propriety tests beyond industry norms on herbal ingredients.

5. The products are clinically tested for absorption into the blood stream.

So what is the SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE? The Best of Science + the Best of Nature = Best of Quality THIS IS SHAKLEE. And the body only responds to quality. The cells of the body know nothing about advertising or price – only Quality!


SHAKLEE Science would never put us in this position. As a matter of fact I heard Dr. SHAKLEE say (in 1977) that, “his company would never create a product that would hurt a single human cell.” You can use our energy bars (Peanut & Cocoa) and trust that you won’t be hurting your liver.

Sherrie Attila

What Can Happen with Other Companies

Tuesday May 8, 2001 8:24 PM ET

Metabolife Recalls Energy Bars

By SETH HETTENA, Associated Press Writer

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Metabolife International is voluntarily recalling its nationally distributed energy bars that may contain toxic levels of vitamin A, the company announced Tuesday.

The recall involves 1.5 million Metabolife Diet & Energy Bars made Dec. 25 through May 4.

San Diego-based Metabolife said the excessive amounts of vitamin A were discovered during recent routine sampling. The company reported its tests to the contract manufacturer, which confirmed the results, and then contacted the Food and Drug Administration. (, and )

The bars contain about 32,500 International Units or IUs of vitamin A. According to Metabolife, vitamin A levels above 25,000 IU can cause severe liver damage, bone and cartilage abnormalities, increased pressure in the brain and birth defects.

No illnesses have been associated with the product so far, but it poses special risk to pregnant women and people with liver disease or viral hepatitis. Women who are breast-feeding children could also pass excessive vitamin A through their milk.

The bars were made by Fairfield-based MLO Products, which makes nutritional products and supplements. Company president Mel Williamson said a “transposition error” involving a misplaced decimal resulted in too much vitamin A being added to the energy bar mix.

The bars have a red label and come in the varieties: Outrageous Oatmeal Raisin, Perfectly Peanut, Downright Chocolate and Lemony Lemon.



“Supplements are absolutely crucial due to the quality of our soil and food today. There are a lot of different supplements available on the market, but labels do not accurately reflect contents. Over the past ten years I have been using SHAKLEE supplements for personal use, as well as confidently recommending them to my patients.”


“For over 19 years SHAKLEE has been a blessing for me, my family, and my patients who have all benefited from scientifically proven products for quality health and healthy living. Our food today is so deficient in nutrients because of what we have done to it, it is no longer the same food that Mother Nature offered to us. For my fellow physicians who are looking into incorporating nutrition in their practice, I encourage you to consider using SHAKLEE’s quality health products that you can trust and recommend with full confidence.”

FROM KATHY WICKENS, Chiropractor, Perth, ON

“Patients get results with SHAKLEE! There is a definite difference in the holding patterns for chiropractic adjustments for patients taking SHAKLEE supplements.”

FROM CHARLENE DAY, Registered Nutritional Consultant, Toronto, ON

“I have been in practice for over 26 years and have used many brands of supplements, including Professional brands. About 7 years ago, I was given information about the SHAKLEE Corporation. I was impressed when I read that over 80 research studies and articles about SHAKLEE products were published in prestigious nutritional and medical journals. Wanting the best for my clients, I started recommending SHAKLEE supplements. I was amazed at the results. My clients experienced a level of wellness far exceeding anything I had experienced in the previous 19 years.”

FROM NEIL PAGETT, M.D., Internal Medicine

“Supplements make sense. You have to have good double-blind, peer-reviewed clinical studies in order to evaluate them. As a medical professional, that’s the only thing I will listen to. Except for SHAKLEE, I am not aware of any company that does on-going, in depth studies. SHAKLEE is the only company I can professionally recommend.”

FROM RICK MEDORA, Chiropractor, Kingston, ON

“The most trusted name in clinical science is SHAKLEE.”

A Pharmacist tells why he takes SHAKLEE ~ and only SHAKLEE!

I thought you might be interested in this e-mail. I asked my friend, Harry Shurley, a pharmacist, why he took SHAKLEE vitamins when he could get others, as samples, for free. Here is his reply…..

Why do I take SHAKLEE vitamins? From a pharmacist’s view you have to look at the clinical research that is done by SHAKLEE.

Mrs. Lindley and I are writing a book on prenatal nutrition — not quite complete — and we requested clinical studies from the makers of prenatal vitamins and NO major company (except SHAKLEE) could provide us with any studies!

Also, as you know, the SHAKLEE vitamins are natural as opposed to the synthetic prenatal vitamins available in drug stores. The makers of those prenatal vitamins stress the amount of folic acid in them, which is 1 mg. Because they have 1 mg of folic acid they have to be on prescription because folic acid can mask pernicious anemia, but if you look at the prenatal vitamins they have very few of the other vitamins and most leave out biotin completely.

It is funny that you ask me this question because a few weeks ago I had a nurse call in for some prenatal vitamins and I asked her what was the best prenatal vitamin and she said, “I don’t know.” So I asked her how did they determine what brand of vitamin to give to the patients and she said, “Whatever they can tolerate.”

There are so many reasons why I take SHAKLEE over the vitamins I could get from pharmaceutical companies. I don’ t have time to explain all, but the main reason is because the SHAKLEE vitamins produce results!

Artificial Foods Are Not the Nutritional

Equivalent of the Real Foods They Replace

However–the labels often claim they are.

The picture below shows two rats from the same litter 6 weeks after birth.

The one on the left was raised on nothing but eggs from birth

while the one on the right was raised on nothing but Eggbeaters.

Do they look like they were raised on nutritionally equivalent foods?

Eggbeaters were advertised as having the taste and nutrition of farm fresh eggs.

Although the comparison chart on the box showed there were more vitamins and minerals in the Eggsbeaters than in real eggs, what conclusin do you draw –?

So…can synthetic vitamins really build health?

WE KNOW THE ANSWER IS “NO!” But check all this out for yourself. See if your body can tell a difference with the SHAKLEE brand. And send this letter to the company producing your current vitamins. Dr. Bruce Miller has been sending this for almost 30 years, and has never gotten an adequate response from any other company but SHAKLEE: Please send me whatever scientific literature you have on your product. What I’m looking for are independent, scientific studies or articles published in peer reviewed journals. It is very important to me that I am using a product that is not only safe but effective. Thank you very much for your assistance.” The response should be on THAT product, not just research on that nutrient in general.

Please see our US FDA Disclaimer! The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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