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Below are all of the documents and instructions you need to set up and use the NEW Get Clean Sampler Kit as a great new business building tool, and a terrific door opener for all Shaklee products and the business opportunity.

Please take the time to open the attached documents and read How To Use The Get Clean Sampler Kit first.

Get The Get Clean Sampler Kit Working For You. Send it home with people to try for a few days in their home and then you get back with them to pick it up. It gives them the opportunity to try the entire Get Clean line of products vs. trying a single product like a sample of Basic H for example. When you have a person that agrees to try a Get Clean Sampler Kit, you then have an automatic follow-up appointment generated to pick up the kit. In most cases, people are going to want to join as a member and purchase a Get Clean Starter Kit.

Business Leaders Mike and Colleen Wagner from Michigan have been using a sampler kit in their business and they sponsored several new members and sold 13 Get Clean Starter Kits in October, and are already on track to exceed that number in November! You can hear Mike talk about their success with this tool on the archived Get Clean conference call available at My, click on the SBW archive link in the lower left hand corner of the home page.

If you will set up and use this system exactly the way it is laid out and don’t change or alter it, you are going to get terrific results!

How To Set Up Your Get Clean Sampler Kit

Remember- first impressions are important and duplication is the key for business growth. With this in mind, we have designed a Get Clean Sampler kit that looks professional. It is easy for everyone to get the tools and materials to set their kits up the same way, and at a very reasonable price for the results this tool will produce. The total cost for setting up 1 Sampler Kit is under $30 including the products and this kit will pay for itself over and over again in both new and repeat business!

We have designed a special sheet of labels you can print to put on the sample bottles. We also created a Get Clean Sampler Kit label that goes on the front of the sample caddy. You need to pick up 2 items on your own that currently are not available for individual ordering from Shaklee and you can get them from just about any Dollar Store or stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. You need to get the caddy the samples will go into ($1.00 at the Dollar Store) and a small 2 to 3 oz plastic jar with lid to put the sample of Scour Off Paste in. All other items you will order from Shaklee.

Items You Need To Set Up 1 Get Clean Sampler Kit

1 Item code # 50406 2-pack of Get Clean 16 oz Spray units

8 Item code # 50419 4 oz Get Clean sample bottles

1 Item code # 50510 scouring pad

1 Item code # 70051 Get Clean Brochure

1 Item Code # 72085 2007 Shaklee Product Guide

1 Cleaning Caddy- purchase from store

1 2 to 3 oz plastic jar with lid- purchase from store

1 Sheet of sample bottle labels- available on email from

1 Get Clean Sampler Kit decal for front of caddy- available on email from

2 Clear qt size zip lock baggies- for Basic H Wipes and Dryer Sheets

1 Get Clean Popular Uses for Basic H document- available on email from

1 Get Clean User Instruction sheet- available on email from

1 Get Clean Starter Kit 2-page download document from My Shaklee.Com

1 2” wide roll of clear packing tape for applying/waterproofing labels on sample bottles

1 8½ X 11 clear plastic sheet protector to place literature and catalog in

*Print the sample bottle labels and cut them to fit the bottles and apply 2” wide clear tape over entire label *Make up the 2 16 oz bottles of Basic H general cleaner and glass cleaner and put both the Get Clean

labels and the sample labels on the bottles.

*Put 4 oz of Get Clean liquids and powders in the 8 4 oz get Clean Sample bottles with appropriate label

*Put 2 oz of Scour Off Paste in sample jar with appropriate label

*Put 2 Get Clean dryer sheets in zip lock baggie with appropriate label

*Put 2 Get Clean Basic H Wipes in zip lock baggie with appropriate label

*Put all literature and catalog in plastic sheet protector

*Put Get Clean Sampler Kit decal on front of caddy with 2” wide clear tape- completely cover

*Place all items in caddy and send to a new home that will soon be a Shaklee home!

How To Use Get Clean Sampler Kit

The Get Clean Sampler Kit is a business tool that allows you to introduce people to Shaklee through the Get Clean product line by having them try all the Get Clean products in their home for a few days- FREE!

The most effective way to use this tool is as a follow-up to any type of Shaklee presentation. You can do a Healthy Home and have a couple of sampler kits for people to take home. You can do a Cinch presentation and also close with—would you like to try free samples of our new non-toxic line of cleaners for your home? Rod joined Shaklee after his boss gave him a business opportunity presentation and his boss also closed with—would you like to take some of our products home today to try for a few days in your home? This cleaning product sample system works like a charm at getting people impressed and excited instantly with how the products perform

However, if you are doing a Get Clean 1-on-1 or group presentation, you want to close your presentation first with the invitation to join Shaklee as a member and purchase a Get Clean starter kit. You don’t want to offer the sampler kit first as this would be the route most would take rather than just joining and buying the starter kit which is what you want to have happen in the first place. Offering the sampler kit is your Plan B approach for those who do not join and purchase a starter kit. You then ask them if they would like to try free samples of the Get Clean products in their home for a few days.

For best results, you do not want to just send sampler kits home with people without spending at least a few minutes to explain what the products are, how concentrated they are, how to use them, and most importantly—you are only giving them the sampler kit for a few days to use and you will need to get it back. You need to explain that because the products are so concentrated, they probably won’t use much of the products while they have the kit. You will call them in a few days to set a time to pick up the kit with everything in it as you will be refilling the containers and giving the sampler kit for others to use that you have on a waiting list. It’s very important you explain it in this way so people understand how it works.

Another key role this business tool plays is it automatically sets you up for a follow-up appointment that in most cases is very positive because the products really impressed them. You have to get back to get the sampler kit. You ask how they liked the products, do they have any questions, and would they like to continue using Get Clean products in their home. When they say yes (most do) you ask- would you like to pay retail price or become a member and save 15% or more? Most will sponsor and place an order.

Next you can ask—do you know anyone else who might like to try this sampler kit in their home? It’s much easier to get referrals with a business tool like this and this gets you into more new homes to introduce more new people to Shaklee through the Get Clean door opener. It works great!

You need to decide how many sampler kits you want to set up and this will be based on how many presentations you are willing to commit to doing each week. If you set up 5 for example—are you going to be able to go through the sampler kit with 5 people, and then get back to do 5 follow-up appointments? If your answer is yes, you are going to grow really fast! However, you may decide that 2 or 3 per week are what you are able to commit to. As you can see by now—the products are going to sell themselves but you have to do the follow-up appointment to close the sale and start the process of bringing that new person into Shaklee and introducing them to the rest that Shaklee has to offer.

Please refer to the document- How To Set Up Your Get Clean Sampler Kit. This will give you the specific details of setting this up in a professional and duplicable manner that anyone in your business can duplicate instantly without any problem, hassles, or questions. This is critical that you follow and teach this process and set up because- duplication is they key to success in building a Shaklee business.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our office at 810-664-2200 or email us at

Popular Basic H2 Uses

General cleaning: 1 tsp. in 2 quarts of water for woodwork, walls, ceilings.

Windows: 2 drops per 16 oz of water.

Appliances and bathroom fixtures: ¼ tsp. in 2 pints of water. Leaves refrigerator odor-free. Windows, mirrors, all glass: 2 drops from a squeeze bottle in 16 oz. spray bottle of water.

Dishes: 1-2 tsp. in the dishpan. Dirty pans: fill with water, add ¼ tsp. Basic-H and let stand to loosen all stuck particles.

Floors: ¼ tsp. to gallon of cool water. This concentration will not remove polish. Wring mop dry and wipe up spots and dirt, leaving floor shiny.

Spot Remover: Apply Basic-H directly to spot and use toothbrush to rub in, then wipe off with damp cloth or rinse. Good for coffee, lipstick, ink, grass, grease.

Electric coffeemaker: 3-4 drops in pot of water. Run through cycle and rinse.*

Ironing: 2 drops in steam iron keeps jet and interior clean. Makes steam wetter! Keeps iron free of mineral deposits; no need to buy distilled water. Iron on a rag the first time, as it will clean out old deposits.*

Woolens, silks, nylons, all fine fabrics: 1 tsp. to basin of water. For spots, apply a drop or two directly on the spot and press in with thumb; then immerse in cold water solution of one tsp. per gallon, allow to stand a few minutes, then rinse by squeezing water through. Lay to dry.

Fruits and Vegetables: ¼ tsp. to 2 pints of water. Wash then rinse to remove residues of poisonous sprays and grime. Makes crisp lettuce delicious!*

Plumbing: Will keep pipes open and clean when used regularly. It emulsifies grease and will eliminate cleaning of grease traps.

Camping: For cleaning everything! Even sponge bathing! No need to rinse! Feels great!* Good for the earth!


Cleaning Hands: Put a few drops in the palm, rub thoroughly over both hands. Add a little water, continue with washing action, rinse. Removes tobacco stains, grease, onion or garlic odors.*

Bathing: 2 tsp. to tub of water. Run water full force for suds. Cleans thoroughly, gently and safely. Skin feels like velvet. Leaves no bathtub ring. Great for bathing kids and still having a clean tub!*

Shaving: Apply full strength to face and add water to make slight lather. Razor blades last longer. Lets you see where you’re shaving.*

Gum: Use full strength to remove gum from skin, carpet, or clothes. It REALLY works!

Insect Repellent: Apply full strength (or with equal parts water) to exposed areas. Biting insects don’t like Basic-H so will not bite where Basic-H has been applied.*

Insect Bites: Rub directly on bites; relieves itching.*

Cuts/Burns/Sunburns: Apply directly for soothing relief. Helps healing process. Reduces pain and redness, prevents blistering.*

Please see our US FDA Disclaimer! The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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