How to get your first paycheck?


I was just talking to customer service about my first Shaklee order. I was curious about if I’d actually make any money on it & how much…

When I talked to the lady she said I had to meet a 250 pv every month. If I don’t make that quota I will not get paid on any product sales I make that month…

She also said it would not roll over into next month and keep adding up. If I did not make the 250 pv quota each month, all the money I made that month would go to my up line sponsor.


Yes, 250 points is the minimum requirement to receive a bonus from Shaklee. However it does not have to be 250 yourself. Any products you sell to someone else count, any products that any members or distributors that you have on your team also count toward that 250. You need to have 100 points that you either buy yourself and use or sell to someone else through your Shaklee ID number.

Once you get your business started rolling with either some sales, some distributors or both, you’ll hit the bonus level easily every month.

When I started I tried to look at that as my first goal to shoot for.

The points do not roll over each month. That is why we want a plan to have some business moving! 🙂

Craig, I would look at is as only the 18th of November and you’ve got a chance to qualify for your first bonus from Shaklee this month!

I will be out there the 27th to the 1st. If like to help either via a training session or helping you see a couple potential people!

Who are the 3 most successful people you know? If like to help you get a business going.

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