News from NASHVILLE Summit

Wow. Roger called the Masters to Nashville for planning sessions. There’s NO WAY I can recap it all here…

> Ann Westergaard urged us to rush out SUNDAY to get the January 1 edition of FIRST magazine on SHRINK TWO INCES EVERY SIX DAYS. It’s going off newstands this Monday Jan. 11. The article on pages 30-33 talks about CINCH and has pictures and the whole layout of CINCH. (grocery stores, CVS, etc!)

> They had a 10-hour day with Roger on Saturday in the GROWTH SUMMIT! There are wonderful incentives coming that will be announced Jan. 6 at the 2006 kick off sessions all over North America

> Rick announced that the incentives for SPONSOR THREE and RANK ADVANCEMENT CASH BONUS have been extended past Dec. 31 through July 2007!

> Rick told us about the two new CINCH products being announced Jan. 6. They got to taste them and he told us about that.

> ENFUSELLE will be rebranded and repackaged and newly marketed! And wait till we see what else is coming in the future!

> Rick put his phone out while Roger was playing the blues on the piano for them after dinner so we could hear it, too.

> Jeanne Toovel reported what Roger said about the results of the new branding of CINCH and GET CLEAN. Roger said any CEO (like of Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson) would be flying and jumping up and down, too, with the $100 million increase in product sales! Roger complimented us–since the SF convention there’s been a 360% increase in sales when you look at the same period in 2004 and 2005!

> To double our growth in North America , each of us has to grow by 15%. So Roger wants us to set goals each week and MEASURE our growth to help us really grow. Sponsoring business builders is our Field-wide weakness at the moment–the company is working on helping us improve that. New builders help our growth the most because they embrace all the products.

> Roger wants us each personally to bring income into our lives as well as into SHAKLEE. He says that REDBOOK and HOUSE & GARDEN and the media will perceive SHAKLEE differently and better in the next few years.

> They’ve hired a new Director of Research and Development with incredible credentials–Dr. Carston Schmidt? from the Univeristy of CA at Davis . Roger wants R & D to continue to be superior in our company.

> Roger quoted Dr. Shaklee and they were all touched and inspired. Basicially Dr. Shaklee believed that what you see and what you believe is what you’re going to get. “Whatever or wherever your goal may be you can reach it if you have definite plans, you work, and know before you start just how you are going to accomplish your plans. Your future life will be exactly what you’ve decided to make it.” Roger’s version of that is you plan, you monitor, and you work hard. In no other business does it depend on us as it does in our business. If it’s to be, it’s up to us.

> Roger is really grateful for us. Jeanne said we’ve all got to make it to the top. She said it’s a privilege to be respected by a man of Roger’s integrity and brilliance.

> The company is exploding and you want to be part of it. Get everyone you can to Nashville ! Roger wants us to bring 15,000 people! And the Opryland Hotel is incredible–one of the largest hotels in the world. The atrium is beautiful…Jeanne says it’s like a family version of Las Vegas . Everyone you turn there are trees and foilage and water!

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