Shaklee Asthma Testimonial

Team – what a HUGE testimonial! Rob is a young, healthy guy and shouldn’t need to be on prescription meds everyday! But until Shaklee, nobody ever told him that – I guess the Docs just kept filling the prescription as if there was no other CHOICE. Well as you and I know, there are TWO OPTIONS: Treatment or PREVENTION.

See Toni’s story below! We are onto something BIG here!!!!


Hi Everyone,

I am so excited I just had to share this!

As most of you know my husband Rob has been an asthmatic since he is two years old and has been taking Ventolin for over 25 years. As the years went on I noticed his prescription intake had increased and his breathing and allergies seemed to be getting worse.

Two years ago, November 2004, Rob started taking Shaklee supplements.

Well, today Rob went to the pharmacy to pick up an Epi-pen for my son Marco (nut allergies) and he asked the pharmacist for statistics on his medication for the last 4 years, here are the results:

2003 Ė Rob filled 12 ventolin prescriptions (1 for every month)

2004 Ė Rob filled 11 ventolin prescriptions (Interesting! He started Shaklee Nov. 2004)

2005 Ė Rob filled 2 ventolin prescriptions

2006 Ė Rob filled 3 ventolin prescriptions

Thatís ONLY 5 prescriptions filled in 2 YEARS (instead of 24)!!!

We knew his breathing had improved and that he was taking less medication, but we didnít realize just how much!

I know there are people who think Shaklee is a placebo, maybe you should send them this message!

Prescriptions and breathing donít lie!

I canít even begin to express how grateful we are that Shaklee has become part of our lives.

Just had to share the great news!


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Michele Ashenden & Vic Pulcini
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