Team building builds success

We hope you’re having a good day and had a chance to enjoy your
weekend. This week we’re going to jump in and talk a little bit
more about direct sales. So far we’ve given you a general
overview of the different direct sales opportunities as well as
information on what it takes to build a good direct sales
website. This week, we’d like to talk about recruiting a happy
and profitable direct sales team.

Most moms who’ve built successful direct sales businesses have
one thing in common; they concentrate a great deal of their
efforts in team building. In direct sales, you recruit members to
join the direct sales opportunity you represent and earn a
commission on their sales.

There are several ways you can do this. If you’re hosting a
party, take company leaflets along and hand them out to all the
guests. You can pass them out at your child’s school or pin one
up on the supermarket bulleting board. You can also make flyers
and pass those out.

A great way to take your efforts to the next level is to recruit
online. If you already have your own direct sales website,
dedicate a section to recruiting team members. Clearly explain
all the benefits of joining the team. If you don’t have a website
and you really want to boost your direct sales business, we
seriously recommend you build one soon. The Internet Based Family
Site Builder makes the process extremely easy, even if you’ve
never built a website before. You can sign up for a free trial here:

Once you recruit team members the next step is to help them
become productive. It won’t matter that you have 20 people on
your team if they’re not selling, so spend time training your
team members. To really want to succeed in direct sales you’ll
need to go a step further and do that little bit extra.

Some moms have gone as far as to set up private forums for the
team members. This is a place where team members can discuss
marketing tactics, ask questions and get overall training. To
make your job easier produce a couple of short training guides
with the information team members need to build their business –
remember the more they make, the more you make. It definitely
pays to train your members to be successful.

By treating your direct sales opportunity like a business and
going all out when recruiting a team, your efforts will be
rewarded. Here’s a new direct sales article to help you a little
bit further with team building.

Good luck with your team building and speak to you soon!

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