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WOW!!! Check this out you guys!!!! A HUGE spread for Cinch on TV in Arizona with Jane Pederson!! Click on the link below to see the video…this is way cool! You know how some people are…”if it’s on TV, it must be real!” Well, look at the spot the news did on Cinch and why it’s working. There is a reason Cinch did $15 Million in sales in the first 90 days. It flat out WORKS!! I think every single prospect needs to see this video clip…it adds a LOT of credibility and will help you recruit Distributors and Consumers.

This is an article & link to an Arizona TV news broadcast which includes comments from a registered dietitian on the quality of the Cinch products and program.

Cinch is a huge smash hit and sales of Cinch are through the roof because— It is already working for tens of thousands of people in the few short months since it was launched. The testimonials are incredible!

Losing weight could be a Cinch

09:33 AM Mountain Standard Time on Thursday, January 11, 2007

By Brandy Aguilar / 3TV Producer

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Looking to get back into your skinny jeans this year?

If you are, there is a new weight-management plan that you might want to check out.

What if all it took was drinking a vanilla or chocolate shake to help you shed those unwanted pounds?


Jane Pederson holds up an old pair of pants.

Sound too good to be true? Meet Jane Pederson.

“I got married and gained 5 pounds, of course, and then I had a baby and gained 10 more pounds and then I had another baby and gained 10 more pounds,” Pederson said.

Pederson, like so many other people, is busy with work and family so sometimes finding time to eat right and exercise isn’t always easy.

“I was so ready, so ready to do anything,” she said.

Pederson has tried all kinds of diets, but nothing worked long term.

So when she heard about a new program called the Cinch Inch Loss plan, she was ready to give it a go.

“You taste it and you go, ‘Man, that tastes like a milkshake,'” she said.

Pederson is talking about the Cinch shakes she drinks for breakfast and lunch. They come in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate.

“I would say the first three days I missed my fork, but then you get use to it and when you see results so quickly and you’re not hungry or starving,” she said.

Besides doing the shakes for breakfast and lunch, Pederson can eat whatever she wants for dinner.

Snacks include Cinch bars, which come in three different flavors, a Cinch energy tea and there’s even a 3-in-1 boost supplement.

“People will see results in the first few days,” said Dr. Jamie McManus with Shaklee Corporation. “They’re going to feel less hungry. They feel they have more energy.”

McManus is one of the key players behind this program. She said a key ingredient in the diet is an amino acid call leucine.

“Leucine is the only amino acids of all amino acids that not only helps you with muscle biosynthesis, but it’s the only amino acid that prevents muscle breakdown,” McManus said.

“So what the Leucine and protein is created to do is rebuild your metabolism from the inside out,” she said.

“This particular one impressed me because of the fiber content and the ratio of carbs and protein and the introduction of leucine, that amino acid,” said registered dietitian Patti Milligan from Sprouts Farmers Market.

As for Pederson’s results, she lost 16 pounds and almost 9 inches in five weeks. So far she’s been able to maintain her weight loss.

“I was so ready for this and I tried the other plans, but some of them are so much work,” she said.

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