From Taipei – Day 1

Hey guys!! Day one in Taipei! Wanted to send a couple pics along for you. WHAT A TRIP and WHAT A PLACE! Whew…26 hours of travel…I’ll NEVER complain about a 4 hour flight to San Francisco again! 🙂

Taipei is a big city…similar in some ways to a big city in the US, totally different in others. Lots of mopeds, lots of people, lots of excitement about Shaklee!

We’re staying at the Brother hotel – just a 5 minute walk from Shaklee Taiwan’s main office. The hotel is friendly to Westerners. Our breakfast had some regular stuff like eggs and bacon. But it also had some local stuff like ‘fried fish’ (I SWEAR they were little whole minnows they got from a live well in MN and cooked them…I’m NOT kidding – they weren’t good! :), and “Scallop lip and Celery salad”. I’ve always been one to try anything to eat once!

The office is GREAT…It gives [a] sense of a ‘ground floor’ opportunity and there is a lot of interest here. There are separate meeting areas set up where local Distributors and Global Ambassadors can come and use the facility for large, small or one on one meetings. There is a separate office for Global Ambassadors that come over where you have Internet access and a copy machine. The office will be complete by Monday afternoon. Roger is coming to a meeting here on Monday night…we’re working to get some people there for the meeting. The guy Pat and I are pictured with is Morgan Chang, Head of Sales for Shaklee Taiwan. Most of the staff here has quite a bit of experience in Direct Selling and there is a definite buzz about Shaklee Taiwan!

There is a meeting at the Home Office tomorrow night so that will be our first “official” pre-launch opportunity presentation. Make sure to line up anyone you know in Taipei for me to see!! I don’t think I’ll be able to travel to any other cities in Taiwan this trip…but stay tuned.

I’ll get some more pictures and updates out later….I think Pat is sending one as well. Stay focused on your business guys. THINK GLOBALLY BUT ACT LOCALLY. Always be asking the question, “Do you know anyone from China, Taiwan, Korea, or Vietnam?” Then start building the list…you just never know what could stem from one person!

Stay focused on keeping the growth going. Lets all make January a huge month and prepare for Roger in Fargo on March 10th. It’s 11pm here (9am at home) and I’m going to get some sleep….talk with you tomorrow! (tomorrow for me, anyway! 🙂

From Taipei 1

From Taipei 2

From Taipei 3

From Taipei 4

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