San Francisco Masters Pinning Ceremony

WOW, I just got back from San Francisco and I wanted to give you all a heart felt THANK YOU! Cindy and I were finally able to make it out there for our Masters Pinning ceremony. We received that honor ONLY because of the dedication and hard work of all of you! I am very proud and humbled to be the beneficiary of an incredible group of downline distributors that I believe will be the future of Shaklee! I KNOW that so many of you will become Master Coordinators over the next few months and years, and I can not wait to have you experience your own Master Pinning!!! I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what to expect!

FIRST CLASS airfare to San Francisco, picked up by limousine and taken to a 5 Star Hotel in Downtown San Francisco. Put up in a suite overlooking beautiful downtown San Fran. The video cameras greeted us as we stepped out of the car! (People on the street were like, ‘Who are these guys!?’ 🙂 The Hotel room was gorgeous with welcome cards, fruit plate and Shaklee products for our stay: From Cinch bars to hand and bath lotions! (Sorry, no PV)

We had a big stretch limo pick us up and take us to Roger and Sloans home for a private dinner that night!! I can’t even begin to do justice to the beauty of their home on top of the hill overlooking San Francisco Bay!!! The Golden Gate Bridge was in perfect view along with Alcatraz Island and the SF Warf, through the massive picture windows that make up the entire front of the Barnett home. The decor of this place is what you would see in magazines and TV shows about the rich and famous! I was afraid to touch anything! I know some of the pieces of art work they had on the walls were more valuable than my entire life savings! But by far the best thing about their home was the warmness we felt from Roger and Sloan themselves! Sometimes it is hard to feel comfortable when you find yourself in that type of setting but they made us feel special, at ease and welcome. Spencer and Violet were there as well to smile their way into our hearts. Baby Harry was sleeping but man, these two were soooo cute, polite and respectful! They are a great reflection of who Roger and Sloan really are. Dinner was served by none other than Laura Collins Hughes! (Although she did almost drop like a $5,000 table setting! 🙂 Just kidding) Dinner was prepared by the Barnett’s personal Chef, James. He explained each coarse of the meal for us and it was incredible!

The next day was an awesome experience as we were taken by stretch limo to the home office of Shaklee. When we arrived ALL the employees of Shaklee were waiting outside to greet us. They stood on both sides of a long red carpet that was our walkway into the building! Long stem, red rose bouquets were handed to the ladies as the video cameras were again rolling with all of the employees clapping and giving high fives as we walked the red carpet! Very Cool Stuff!! The pinning ceremony was done in the large conference room with all the employees still there to witness the event. Nice things were said about each of the New Masters and we all got the chance to thank the employees for their hard work and efforts that allow each of us to chase our own dreams. A private Lunch with some of the Executives was prepared on site by another private chef. Again, incredible!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with pictures, video interviews and private meetings with each departments VP in attendance. Talking about the current and future plans of the company. Some of the things they are working on will blow you away but we promised not to say anything so I will not spoil any of the surprises! 🙂

Dinner that night was at a swanky restaurant in a private room with all of the top executives of Shaklee. WOW, what a way to end this awesome experience! We could not stop talking about it, sitting in First Class on the way home the next morning!

We were asked in our interview what it was like to reach the top? We simply said we have not gotten there yet! We have reached the level of Master Coordinator but this is really where we need to BEGIN to build this business!! When we have seen 50 to 100 of YOU go through this same experience, then we will be getting closer! I guarantee that will be the only thing better than going through it ourselves!! YOU MUST do whatever it takes to achieve your goals with Shaklee! The rewards are priceless!! Go talk to someone new about Shaklee today and we will see you at the top!!


Pat and Cindy

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