Shaklee Taiwan pre-launch meeting with Roger Barnett

Hey everyone~

Wanted to send some pictures to you from the Opportunity Presentation here in Taipei last night. It was a big meeting because Roger Barnett was in town. Taipei is in the North and people came from all over the island. Around 250 people or so were there. See pictures.

I wanted to tell you a couple things Roger said that struck me. He talked about the worldwide revolution that is JUST BEGINNING with Shaklee. He said that since he bought the company, Shaklee has paid out over $500 MILLION in commissions and we are JUST GETTING STARTED! He mentioned that Cinch and Get Clean were on track to do $100 Million in the US their first year…that is CRAZY! He showed some of the magazines and credibility articles about Shaklee and that the momentum is really building the US. He talked about how Shaklee Taiwan (which officially opens March 1st) will be the first of 40+ countries to open worldwide. We are, as Grant Pace put it, on the ground floor of a skyscraper that is still being built!!

Roger also showed a picture of Henry Kissinger. He said Mr. Kissinger is single most influential Westerner in the Chinese market. Roger said EVERY Direct Sales company wanted to partner with Mr. Kissinger to help their expansion into China and he chose work with SHAKLEE!!!

The growth Shaklee is seeing at home is amazing. By us all taking advantage of that and TELLING PEOPLE why they should build a Shaklee business with us, your business will naturally go International. Our best lead in Taiwan came from someone we met in the U.S. My opinion is that the next 36-48 months are critical. Those who can create momentum in the next 3 to 4 years stand to reap major rewards. You know what it comes down to? Every night asking ourselves the question, “How many NEW PEOPLE were shown the Shaklee Opportunity and then asked to join or try our products BECAUSE OF ME today?” I think that if we can go to bed every night feeling good about our answer to that question then success here at home AND internationally is inevitable.

It’s going to be a FUN RIDE the next 48 months! I believe we, as a TEAM, will make a MAJOR IMPACT worldwide on Shaklee!! I’ll be at training in Fargo for the next 2 Saturdays and at the Opp Pres this coming Tuesday. Let’s do our best to ask someone new to come and take a look at Shaklee!

Gong Shi Fa Tsai (Congratulations and good fortune to you!)

Shaklee Taiwan Pre-Launch 1

Shaklee Taiwan Pre-Launch 2

Shaklee Taiwan Pre-Launch 3

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