Step 4: Invite Possible Partners to Learn About Shaklee

Step 4 in the Plan of Action: Invite Step 4: Invite Possible Partners to Learn About Shaklee

You have two important allies in this step toward success: your enthusiasm and your sponsor. Make your invitations upbeat and arrange to have your sponsor be a part of your first presentations.

Action Step

  1. Review your list of possible partners from yesterday’s Action Step and select the five names that seem most likely to be interested in partnering with you in your Shaklee business. Write their names, contact information and chosen method of sharing in the spaces on the attached document. Click Here to Download (Page 17 of Fast Start Guide) (For an explanation of these methods of sharing, see tomorrows e-mail)
  2. Use the suggested scripts below – or simply craft your own. Click Here to Download the Script Worksheet (Page 18 of the Fast Start Guide) Be upbeat and have fun with it. And remember: All that you are looking for is an appointment. Save “the sharing” for the actual appointment.

Sample Scripts

Your goal is to find people for whom it’s the right thing to be doing right now. Here are some sample scripts to use as thought starters as you build your own.

Script 1: “Hello, I’m really excited about a new venture I just started, and I’d love to get your opinion about it. Could we get together on Monday or perhaps Wednesday?”

Script 2: “Hi, how are you? Do you have a moment to talk? I’m calling because I have something that I think you might be interested in. A few months ago I started using Shaklee natural products, and I feel like a new me. I’m so passionate about these products I’ve decided to make it my business to tell others about them. Essentially, I’ll be helping others feel as good as I do. I’ll work from home and have flexible hours.

“I’d love to set a time for you and me to talk about this. It’s been such a blessing for me; I just want to tell others about it. Would next Tuesday or Thursday work best for you? Morning or afternoon? There’s a coffee shop close to you, right?”

Script 3: “I just wanted you to know that you’re very much the kind of person I look for in my business. Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Would you allow me to show you some information and see if you or someone you know may have an interest? Great! I look forward to it. See you then!”

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