Step 5: Share Shaklee

Step 5 in the Plan of Action: Share Step 5: Share Shaklee

By far, the most effective way to go through this step is with the help and assistance of your sponsor. Have them help you through your first few presentations. Soon you will have no trouble doing it on your own! Shaklee has a full range of easy-to-use support tools.

They were developed so you can share Shaklee wherever you go – with small or large groups, in high-tech ways and low-tech ways. These tools make your task easy – they are the message – you’re simply the messenger. Familiarize yourself with the many ways to share your story and again ask for help from your sponsor.

Methods of Sharing:

  1. One-on-One: As the name implies, this is you and your prospect. You can hold a one-on-one in almost any place.Your local library could work – so could a local coffee shop.Your presentation tool might be either the Join Us brochure or the ready-made Opportunity Presentation in the Sharing Shaklee section.
  2. Home Meeting: Ideal for five or six prospects.
  3. Public Meeting: Great for large groups. Often held in hotels. Might include multiple organizations.
  4. Conference Call: Great for long-distance prospects.
  5. Web Presentation: A great way for long-distance or local prospects to see and hear what Shaklee is all about.
  6. DVD Presentation: A simple way of allowing the Shaklee story to be told in a high energy, high-impact manner.

You have two important allies in this step toward success: your enthusiasm and your sponsor. Make your invitations upbeat and arrange to have your sponsor be a part of your first presentations.

Tips From The Mind Of A Master

Business-Building Ideas From Shaklee Master Coordinators

  • Use third party credibility (other than you).
  • Simply “show”; don’t sell.
  • Use ALL the tools available to you.
  • Keep it SIMPLE.
  • Everything you do must be DUPLICATABLE!
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Don’t try to convince anyone to do this.
  • Share success stories.
  • Focus on their needs/wants.
  • Adhere to a time limit.
  • Tell what Shaklee means to you.
  • Build and/or affirm a relationship.
  • Emphasize Shaklee as a “people” business.
  • Attend all public events to show credibility.
  • Large Public Business Presentations:
  • Set out fewer chairs than needed.
  • Start on time – end on time.
  • Maximum 45 to 50 minutes in length.
  • Keep it SIMPLE.
  • Dress for success.
  • All leaders share in the costs.

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