The Shaklee Concept

Remember as you read this, The Shaklee Concept: LOTS & LOTS of DISTRIBUTORS with just a few customers each!!! Lots of Shaklee Distributors will lead YOU to a Residual Income faster than anything else you can do!

Governments worldwide are cutting interest rates to offset their down economies. Did you know the value of your SHAKLEE business actually goes UP when interest rates go down?

If you only make a few hundred dollars a month in residual income someday from Shaklee – Do you know how much money you would have to have in the bank to receive that same amount? Do you realize that if you build a Shaklee business of just 20 Members (customers OR distributors) that use just 100PV per month, you will be earning between $500-$850 per MONTH in residual income!!?? Would you be disappointed if you worked your Shaklee Business part-time for 6 months, and ended up with a Residual Income of $500 per month?

If you think that sounds disappointing – Think again!

In order to receive $500 per month in interest your “savings” from a part-time job, you would need to have over $110,000 saved up! And that’s IF the interest rates were paying you a 5%! (Where can you find interest rates of 5%?!) Besides, where do you find a job where you can work part-time for 6 months, and save up an extra $110,000 bucks!

Use this to your advantage when you sit down to talk to a friend about Shaklee. Ask them: How much money do you need, on a monthly basis, to retire someday?

Then show them how much money they would need to receive their desired monthly income.

For example, say your friend needs $2,000 a month to retire. With the help of a calculator, you could show someone that in order for them to earn $2,000 a month, they would need to get a part-time Job and save up $400,000 – then earn interest rate of SIX Percent! Once they recover from their shock, ask them:

“So, what’s your plan to accumulate this $400,000?”

Creating a retirement income by building a Shaklee Business is a SMART thing to do, even if you NEVER actually quit your JOB and you just did Shaklee on the side for a few years as your “Plan B”. It is a great option for most people, and it doesn’t require getting a part-time JOB when you’re “retired”.

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