Building A Legacy With Shaklee!

This may seem slightly morbid – or kinda funny – depending on your sense of humor! But look at this article from FORBES – “DEAD” Celebs! How hilariously weird is THAT?!

But you know WHY the “dead” ones are still earning money, right? RESIDUAL INCOME.

They started something yesterday that they’re getting paid for today. There are kids today sleeping on a Snoopy pillow case that were not even born when Charles Schultz was alive! Elvis recorded songs before his baby girl was even born, and those same songs make more money for her today then they ever made for her Daddy! How would you like to leave that kind of legacy?

We can start something today, and our kids and grandkids will someday benefit from the effort WE made. Now think about all the nights, early in Elvis’s career, traveling with a group of guys on back-country roads, sharing a motel room with a bunch of other guys, late at night thinking to himself, “What am I crazy? I’m never gonna be famous! This is never gonna work!” But somehow he had the guts to keep going and performing for little tiny groups of 20 and 30 people, hoping that if 20 or 30 just told 3 friends each, then there might be 100, and if 100 told 3 or 4 friends apiece, and so on. That’s a lot like what you and I do today, isn’t it?

Hang in there! Build on FAITH! Someday there will be a FORBES article titled “Top Earning Dead Shaklee Reps” — and you and I can be on it!



Top-earning dead celebrities of 2005 – Elvis is still the king of the crypt, but up-and-comers such as Johnny Cash and Ray Charles are new to Forbes’ annual look at the fortunes of the dead.

Their estates earned that money by selling their work — both written and recorded — or just the rights to use their likenesses on T-shirts, posters or in advertisements. A one-time sale of possessions won’t land a dead celebrity on the list more than once. In order to make repeat visits, you need to have created something that the public will want continued access to. John Lennon‘s musical legacy will keep him atop the list for years to come, as will the “Peanuts” empire created by Charles Schulz.

The top-earning dead celebrities:

No. 1 Elvis Presley
Earnings: $45 million
Occupation: Musician
Date of Death: Aug. 16, 1977
Age: 42
Cause: Heart attack

No. 2 Charles Schulz
Earnings: $35 million
Occupation: Cartoonist
Date of Death: Feb. 12, 2000
Age: 77
Cause: Cancer

No. 3 John Lennon
Earnings: $22 million
Occupation: Musician
Date of Death: Dec. 8, 1980
Age: 40
Cause: Murder

No. 4 Andy Warhol
Earnings: $16 million
Occupation: Artist
Date of Death: Feb. 22, 1987
Age: 58
Cause: Complications after a gall bladder operation

No. 5 Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel
Earnings: $10 million
Occupation: Author
Date of Death: Sept. 24, 1991
Age: 87
Cause: Natural causes

— Reporting by Leah Hoffmann, Peter Kafka and Peter Newcomb

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