Cinch Plan for Nursing Moms

I am interested in starting the Cinch Program but I am a nursing mother. Is it possible that the program could affect the quality or quantity of my milk supply? If so, could the program be modified? I have either been pregnant and/or nursing for the past three years, so I don’t want to hold off any longer before starting a program.

Breast-feeding is not only healthy for baby, but a great way to burn extra calories. It will naturally help you begin to lose the extra weight you may have gained during pregnancy. Yes, you can follow the Cinch Inch Loss Plan while nursing your baby, with just a few cautions.

Remember to make sure you’re eating enough calories and drinking plenty of fluids so your breast milk production isn’t compromised. Start with the 1800 calorie Cinch Plan.

We also recommend that you discuss the usage of the Energy Tea with your doctor as it contains naturally occurring caffeine in the amount you would find in 2/3 of a cup of coffee or black tea. Replace the Cinch 3 in 1 Boost supplement with Vita Lea with Iron, because the 3 in 1 Boost contains the herbal extract evodia for which the safety of use in nursing women has not been studied. If at any time you notice any change in your breast milk production, you may want to double check your calorie and fluid intake or consider discontinuing the program until you’ve finished nursing your baby.

For those of you that have contacts that are or who know Nursing Moms, most of them want to lose weight after childbirth. At Shaklee’s convention in San Francisco, it was mentioned as part of the introduction to the Cinch Plan that the diet program was not appropriate for nursing mothers. Below is a detailed answer from Shaklee of the few minor changes that should be made to the Cinch Plan Diet so that it IS available and safe for nursing mothers and their babies. Thanks, Danielle, for following up on this for us!

This if a HUGE market we can target. As an example, the Shaklee Distributor that got this information from Shaklee has been targeting a Holistic Moms group in southern California where she used this information as well as the Toxic Home/ Get Clean products line. Since the convention, Danielle & German have become new Directors, largely due to the volume this target market has contributed to their Shaklee business.

Feel free to use the information – and look for a Holistic Moms’ group in your area. You will create life-long customers and second generation customers from a group like this, and they have a built-in network of like-minded acquaintances.

You DO NOT have to become a product specialist to be successful- If you target members of groups that are concerned with the environment, holistic health, “family” concerns, etc, just by concentrating on “packages” like the Total Wellness pack, children’s health, Get Clean and the Cinch Plan- and also asking everyone you meet if they or their kids suffer from any seasonal challenges like allergies, cold or flu and telling them about Nutriferon + Defend & Resist- you will build a huge business.

Keep it Simple – and talk to everyone you know & meet.

Try this – Just ask anyone if they know someone who would like to feel better – look better – or live longer in better health, maybe even with more wealth?

You’ll be amazed how open people really are. All you need is that question and a quick 1-2 minute “elevator response” that gets them curious enough to set up a time to get together so you can show them “how”.

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