Roger’s Notes Orlando, FL

Here are just a FEW of Roger Barnett’s thoughts from a recent conference in Orlando, FL:

Anyone who makes Master Coordinator gets flown out to San Francisco, door-to-door limo service all weekend, recognized at a special meeting at the world headquarters, pampered in a 5-star hotel, and treated to dinner with Roger at his home … the one he just bought for $35+ million dollars – the historic Hills Bros Mansion that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz!

The 2 Key issues facing the human race worldwide are: Poverty & Hunger (in North America this can be translated to: “income” and “health”)

Roger was recently invited to a “World Economic Summit” in Switzerland and sat with Michael Dell, Bill Gates, etc – along with many world leaders. They asked him to speak and introduce himself, so he said something along the line of: I m here as a Representative of the Shaklee Corporation, and our Goal is to share with the world a new business model we’ve designed to improve lives by “incentivising” people to promote health & income!

After he spoke, Queen Rania of Jordan came up and said “I want you to come speak to us in Jordan, I think you may have a solution for our part of the world”! and the head of the World Bank told Roger “we want to meet with you because we are looking for a method of distribution for healthy products worldwide”!

What Dr Shaklee started 50 years ago – the philosophy of using money as a financial incentive for people to do something GOOD for others, is REVOLUTIONARY and NEW today. It’s Revolutionary & New because an idea by itself only “exists” as much as it is recognized and understood. And around the world nobody knows about us, nobody knows about Dr Shaklee’s ideas, and very few understand what we’re offering. It’s our job to go spread this idea around the world!

What we offer today has never been more relevant – ever.

You and I are going to be a part of making the world a better place.

We could go on and on, but we think you can probably tell how awesome it was. Every time we’re around Roger we get more and more convinced that we are sitting on a powder keg! We need to go spread this thing as fast as we can – talk to as many people as you can, as fast as you can, and as often as you can! Before we know it, this thing will be worldwide – and we all need to get READY!

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