Cinch Tips from Barb Lagoni, Master Coordinator

First a big congrats to Sherri in Waunakee who lost 10 pounds in her first 4 weeks on cinch!! You go Sherri!! I also want to thank Pam Schwalbach who shared her love for cinch on a product call for our members this past week. People tuned in to hear Pam share her 20 pound weight loss success and how good she is feeling.

Thanks also to all of you who have been sharing cinch with your friends and family. I see lots of trim, healthy, energetic people in my vision of ourselves, our families, and our friends!!

Factoid: A pound of fat burns 2 calories a day, a pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day!!! Cinch has been so successful because it maintains and builds muscle as you lose the fat.

Coffee Lovers: If you are at Starbucks and wanting a fun coffee drink, try the Cinnamon Dolce latte with sugar free syrup. This is only 90 calories and no fat.

What is Inulin in the shakes and bars? Inulin is the fiber in our products. You will also find inulin in the optiflora prebiotic product we have in the Shaklee catalog. Inulin not only gives us fiber (non gluten fiber), but it also feeds the healthy microflora in your intestinal tract. You will see the optiflora probiotic systems on page 45 in the product guide if you want to read more about it. Keeping the good bacteria in our digestive tract healthy and flourishing lets our immune system take care of other immune challenges in our bodies.

Treadmill Tips: I use the treadmill for my workouts. I usually do the hill program but I also include walking backwards and side stepping as well. This is a program my chiropractor taught me years ago. If I do it a few times a week, it keeps me out of his office for months. To do this, I recommend starting on a treadmill with handles for balance. Just put the incline at 2 and I started at a 1.5 mph speed (I now do 2.5mph). I do the backward walk for about 5 minutes as my cool down. Then, you can also strengthen hips and inner thighs with a side step. Using the same speed or lower, incline of 2, just stand sideways and sidestep. Then turn and do the other side. I hold the front bar during the sidestep routine. Call me or stop over if you want more information on that.

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