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M2C Dealers

Here is your team update to help you get your week of to the great start that you deserve.

  1. News and Updates
  2. Conference Call Schedule
  3. Testimonial Hotline
  4. Training Tip
  5. Monday’s Motivation

1 News and Updates
A big thank you to everyone who participated on our first Team Opportunity call last Thursday night. The feedback was very positive. I will keep you posted on the next one ….very soon!

2. Conference Call Schedule
Catch all the excitement by inviting your guests to listen into any one of our exciting conference calls

Monday @ 7pm CST
646-519-5800 Pin 1520#

Tuesday @ 9pm CST
646-519-5800 Pin 8482#

Wednesday @ 7pm CST
646-519-5800 Pin 1520#

Thursday @ 9pm CST
646-519-5800 Pin 8482#

Saturday @ Noon CST
646-519-5800 Pin 1520#

Note: There will be no team call tonight. The next team call will be the first Monday of the Month – July 2nd @ 8pm CST

3. Testimonial Hotline
Over the last few months I have heard close to 100 ACT and Vitalagy testimonials from the team. I am using this newsletter as a way for others to benefit from hearing these encouraging stories. Learning to share your product testimonial is one of the most valuable skills you can develop in this business. Successful people do not wait for others to move first …they step up to the plate….they take action…and become the leader people are looking for!

Testimonial Recording Line – 800-444-6918 Ext 777

4. Training Tip – Prospecting -v- Selling

Do you have friends and family members who you would love to share the drinkact.com story with…but are afraid that you might come across as a “sales person”. Sales, when done well with an honest heart, is an honorable and very well paid profession. However when it comes to building a Network Marketing business we are in the prospecting business…not the sales business. So whats the difference?

Think of an old time gold prospector up in the hills of Colorado. Sitting by the river bed, he will sift and sort though mounds of dirt and gravel looking for the gold nugget. Prospectors sift and sort. Sales people convince and sell. The sales person in this business will try to convince the person they are talking to that the M2C products and business would be perfect for them. The prospectors sorts through people…looking for people who want what we offer.

The sales person tries to turn gravel into gold.
The prospector sifts and sorts through the gravel looking for gold.

The sales person will recruit people who are not right for the business
The prospector finds people who are perfect for the business

The sales person has a high drop out rate
The prospector has an excellent retention rate.

The sales person creates tension between friends and family
The prospector does not.

Sales people get rejected
Prospectors do not

In this business Sales people convince and sell while prospectors sift and sort. So the obvious question is …”How do I sift and sort?”. The answer is simple:

Always Be Asking Questions (and then listen to the answer!!!)

“Bob, do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?”
“Bob, if I knew of a way where we could make a fortune in the energy drink business, would you want to know about it?”
“Bob, if you could make 10% on every Red Bull sold in your city would you want to hear about it?”
“Bob, if I could show you how to make an extra $1000/mth, and it didn’t get in the way of what you are currently doing, would you want to know about it?”

You are not trying to convince Bob that this business would be perfect for him. You are simply sorting through Bob to see if he wants what you have. There is a BIG difference! If Bob says YES…then start the process and 3 way Bob onto the 3 minute hotline call. 800-444-6918 Ext 700. This also stops you from becoming a sales person, as you are letting the tools do the work for you.

When you truly understand that we are in the sifting and sorting business….it should remove any fear that you might have when it comes to sharing the M2C story with others. Fear of rejection will become a thing of the past, because you are simply looking for people who already want what you have.

5. Monday’s Motivation – (one of my all time favorites!)

“You can’t make footprints in the sands of time if you are sitting on your butt. And who wants to make buttprints in the sands of time?”
– Bob Moawad

Have a great week. Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in moving your business forward.

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