New PEP Team has launched!!!!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! The NEW VERSION of the PEP Team has OFFICIALLY been launched!!!!!

Do you have potential CONSUMERS or potential DISTRIBUTORS that you would like to have experience the POWER of Shaklee’s products to PROVE to them the products make our Business Opportunity the strongest around?!?

Use the PEP Team…or the ‘Product Evaluation Program’ (PEP)!

How about having someone evaluate the “Shaklee Wellness Pack” (Vitamin strips, Energizing Soy Protein, Omega Guard (purest fish oil in the world), and our patented Nutriferon – natural strength for our immune system) for FREE for 30 Days to see how you can help them improve how THEY SAY they feel in only one month?!

Here is the package available ONLY TO OUR DOWNLINE (Pat Hintze’s group):

5 Shaklee Wellness Packs to send out ($175 SRP value each after tax and shipping – total value of $875) to your prospects!

o Up to two can be sent to your address as a new person for husband/wife to try them

It comes with 250 PV!!!!!! YES!!!!

For EVERY PERSON getting this email…you will get a check for $400 each time you help 3 people you have personally sponsored join the PEP Team for your first 60 days! (NOT join as “Evaluators of the free product”, but as someone who purchases a 5 Pack to give out to THEIR prospects) EVERYONE’S 60 days starts TODAY – April 1st! EVEN IF you’ve joined the PEP Team before you can earn these bonuses!!!

o Example: Help 9 people (3 sets of 3) join the PEP Team before the end of May and you receive a total of $1200!!!! (Obviously, if someone you have personally signed up in the PEP Team previously rejoins, they would NOT count as one of the 3 toward earning $400, but THEY CAN earn the bonuses as well….we ALL want NEW people placing Wellness Packs in the hands of prospects!)

The cost to us is only $399. (add on tax and shipping for the 5 Wellness Pack – somewhere around $40-$50) That is HALF the PRICE of purchasing 5 Packs at SRP!

April JUST STARTED and we can use these 250 PV JUMPS to get us heading in the right direction for our goals by the end of the month!

What do you do to take advantage of the PEP Team?

1. You MUST already have a Shaklee ID number…meaning you have already signed up with your sponsor as either a Fast Start Distributor ($299), A Distributor ($39.95), or a Member ($19.95). Have your Shaklee ID number and MyShaklee password from in hand, and go to:


3. Enter Username: freedom and Password: now

4. FIRST TIME joining the PEP Team? Click on “Join Team” in upper right hand corner and enter your Shaklee ID, password, and other info requested…then go to step 4.

5. Click on “Member Center” and enter your Shaklee ID & Password

6. Click on “5 Free Evaluations”

7. Click on “Buy New 5 Pack”

8. Input Credit Card info and where you want the FIST WELLNESS PACK TO BE SENT TO…and it CAN be YOU!! (You have to enter one person when ordering the PEP 5 Pack so you can get the 250 pv RIGHT AWAY!! That is how the system recognizes the order)

9. Input your other 4 (or 5) Evaluators. They DO NOT have to all be entered when you sign up – you have 30 days to pick your 5. CHOSE THEM WISELY! Use the attached files to help determine how to find which evaluators are best and how to approach each one.

10. Download the “30 Day Touch System” from the Member Center at and read it…twice! It has some GREAT information there that will be very helpful for you!

The numbers for the PEP Team don’t lie. Those who have used the system as an ‘arrow in the quiver’ and used it PROPERLY (meaning the picked the RIGHT evaluators as best they could and then ALSO FOLLOWED THROUGH with the system!) have had INCREDIBLE results! In fact, for those people there was a 65+% reorder or signup rate! (That’s 2 out of 3!). The “PEP Team HQ” should be used for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who uses Shaklee products!!!! It helps them actually see what the products do for them!!

Now, with 250 PV each time…and $400 for each set of 3 we get started as PEP Team Members in the next 60 days, we NEED to TAKE ADVANTAGE of this!!

Please email me (or your upline) with questions and I hope you use this as one of your tools to help DRIVE THE NEXT 90 DAYS so you can get PROMOTED before the Nashville Conference!!

Please see our US FDA Disclaimer! The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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