You’ve got to Shaklee-ize!

In any new business, there are a lot of new things to learn and in time, you will learn about the Shaklee business. You do not have to learn it all first, but you do need learn and understand a few basic steps that are essential to your long-term success in building your Shaklee business.

We highly recommend that you “Flip the Switch”! In Shaklee, you must be willing to “flip the switch” yourself because no one can do that for you. When you join Shaklee, no switch is flipped that automatically transfers all of the household consumer products (HCP) you are currently using that you are buying every month from several different sources.

Another factor is that most people do not realize how many products, and how much money is being spent every month on those products, we are talking about. Unlike a telephone bill, these expenditures are hidden throughout the home. There is only one way to visually grasp this, and we challenge you to invest about 30 minutes of your time to do this. We all did this when we first joined and it was a major eye opener, we got it, and it made all the difference in the world in our understanding of how to make the Shaklee business work for all of us.

The Challenge: “Shaklee-Ize” Your Home

Go through every room, cupboard, basement, garage, etc. in your home and pull out — every nutritional supplement, personal care product, hair care product, skin care product, cosmetic product, household cleaning product, laundry product, kitchen/dish care product, air/water filter product, and put all these products on your dining room table. As you look at the massive display of products sitting on your table, these are products you are already using and spending X amount of $ on every month.

Now that you have joined to build a Shaklee business, you need to flip that switch yourself and as your products run out replace all of those different brands of products that you are purchasing from many different sources to one brand and one source – Shaklee. Shaklee products are the best products of their kind. Shaklee products are the most clinically researched the safest, most natural products you can buy, bar none. Go complete the challenge RIGHT NOW!

Folks, flip this switch in your home and teach each of your new recruits to flip this switch (each recruit represents a household with a dining room table full of our kinds of products) in their home. You will have more volume and make more money than you ever thought possible!

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