Update from Taiwan

Good Monday morning everyone! Hope you had a successful weekend and had a chance to get some rest as well.

It’s Monday afternoon here, which makes it late Sunday night at home. The big news over the weekend here is that IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Shaklee officially received its Direct Selling License from the Chinese Government on Friday!!!! The application process has taken between 2 ½ and 3 years so this is a big milestone for Shaklee and for us as Distributors. Shaklee is the FIRST company to receive a Direct Selling license that has never had prior operations in China. In fact, you can click on this link: http://www.opportunitytw.com/blank.html and check out our website we’re having constructed. Click on the banner in the middle and it links to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce website that shows Shaklee receiving our DS license. (Trust me, I had someone read it to me!

So how do you take advantage of this? I would suggest working this question into EVERY conversation you have throughout the day: “Say, you wouldn’t happen to know anybody who KNOWS anyone from China, Taiwa , Korea or Vietnam , would you?” Maybe people travel there, have relatives there, do business there or KNOW SOMEONE who’s family is from there. If you get into a conversation with an Asian-American you can ask, “Say, what country is your family history from?” That’s much more effective and non-intrusive than “Are you Chinese?” J

If someone says YES, simply get EXCITED and tell them our company, Shaklee, is just opening (or planning to open) in that country and your are looking for people who know people there. Tell them we are the #1 Natural Nutrition company in the US and our products are natural vitamin supplements, natural anti-aging skin care, and ‘green’ home care products. Tell them there is a LOT of interest and a LOT of money to be made both here in the US and in that country for those who help get it launched!

At this point, the process is the same. GET THEM INVOLVED AND EXCITED about Shaklee!! Get them sold on the products and the philosophy of the company. Help them “Sponsor 3”. Help them work toward their Director promotion. Then let them see the vision of helping expand worldwide.

I have talked with at least one person from the team each day we’ve been over here. There are Opportunity Meetings going on ALL OVER the place! Fargo, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, Hawley, Bemidji, and more. I will be in Bemidji on April 12th…stay tuned for more info. Also, I would really suggest registering for the Excite Tour and attending in Minneapolis with us on the evening of April 13th and all day April 14th. It will be INCREDIBLE hands-on training!! The key to building a STRONG business is helping people and recruiting every single day and work where the people who are working take you. If that happens to be Taiwa , great. If you are still developing those contacts, BUILD YOUR TEAM BIGGER at home!! That is the secret to global success. Work with the WINNERS….not the WHINERS!

Shaklee is cooking…there are some REALLY GREAT incentives that are being worked on!! TRUST ME!! Also, there are apparently some ‘mind-blowing’ product announcements coming up in Nashville!!!! My suggestion is to stay focused on getting promoted, qualifying for the Cruise and helping people every single day.

If there is anything we can do, just know that we’re always here to help!

Talk with you very soon…
Shawn and Carmen

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