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ViSalus Team

ViSalus Sciences is more than a company, it’s a cause. The passionate and professional community that has already been attracted to the ViSalus vision is the best testament to who we our and what stand for.

ViSalus is a company built on a solid foundation and constructed for the long haul. We believe that when you have the right team in place, anything becomes possible.

We are committed to producing unique products backed by legitimate science and continuing to advance our technology innovations to always separate ourselves from the market.

Above all we care about the constant development of our leaders in the field and will always provide the most comprehensive training and support system in the industry.

We are a company built on integrity; a community bonded by a common goal with an uncommon dedication to making positive, lasting change.

We invite you to learn more about our products, our incentives, and the people who make ViSalus Sciences a truly special company, and we look forward to seeing you in a local market as we build this reality by your side.


Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen
Founders, ViSalus Sciences

Ryan Blair
Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Blair, Chief Strategy Officer As Chief Executive Officer of ViSalus Sciences, Ryan Blair has made it his purpose to positively impact people’s life, health and prosperity through the ViSalus commitment to education. Blair’s passionate leadership is derived from his personal story of overcoming both poverty and health problems. With the help of great mentors, Blair has been able to achieve extraordinary results both as an entrepreneur and as an athlete. Blair’s desire to reciprocate for the mentorship he was given has fueled the ViSalus Team to record-shattering results. Since Blair assumed the post of CEO, the company has seen a record number of people celebrate their success, earning numerous Speed Bonus checks and joining the company’s Founding Distributor Equity Pool. Even more important for Blair is the knowledge that thousands of people have been given a chance to benefit on the levels of life, health and prosperity through the efforts of the ViSalus community.

In his early 20’s, Mr. Blair established himself as a powerful entrepreneur, leaving an indelible mark on the business community. His first entrepreneurial venture, 24×7 Tech, grew into a million dollar company within its first 12 months. Shortly after selling his interest in 24×7 Tech, Blair launched SkyPipeline, Inc. in July, 2001.

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Blair, backed by significant Venture Capital partners, lead SkyPipeline’s aggressive sales & marketing expansion, helping it become the #1 wireless broadband company in the USA in its first 3 years. In February of 2004, SkyPipeline merged with Nextweb in a $25,000,000 transaction to form the United States’ largest Wireless Broadband Service Provider. In November of the following year Nextweb was celebrated as #104 on Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s 500 Fastest-Growing Companies, and was acquired by Covad Communications.

In the media, Blair is an often-profiled entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist. Mr. Blair has appeared on several national television shows, and was a distinguished guest on the USS Nimitz during the Iraq war. Blair has conducted over 400 keynote speeches to nearly 1,000,000 audience members at leading Fortune 500 corporations, conferences, and universities such as Pepperdine and MIT.

An accomplished writer, Blair has been published and featured in over 30 National publications such as Young Money Maginze, and Forbes. Blair was recently named to the Times “Forty under Forty”.

Nicklas Sarnicola
Chief Sales Officer

After creating one of the country’s fastest-growing and most highly-respected organizations for young entrepreneurs, Nick Sarnicola now brings his success, knowledge, and passion to his position as the Chief Sales and Training Officer of ViSalus Sciences. Under his leadership, the sales force has sustained unprecedented growth. His drive to be the best has proven contagious, inspiring thousands to align with his cause and get behind ViSalus’ core mission of education.

Sarnicola has nearly a decade of experience building direct sales distribution channels. With a relentless passion for success, Sarnicola’s work ethic has always placed him in a leadership role whether he was on the athletic field or growing companies. His drive to succeed earned him an academic and athletic college scholarship at one of Michigan’s colleges. While attending, Sarnicola sharpened his entrepreneurial skills, applying his work ethic to build a business of his own. The accolades and awards began pouring in as Nick quickly rose to become the top producer and Most Valuable Player of a hyper growth telecommunications company.

Sarnicola, working from a startup level, was able to create a massive national sales force. His leadership skills helped produce record breaking results in the telecommunications industry. It was in this organization that he met Mr. Blake Mallen, with whom he founded ViSalus Sciences. Nick is known for his ability to create effective and easy to duplicate sales force marketing systems and passionately teach others how to run them successfully.

Blake Mallen
Chief Marketing Officer

Blake Mallen, ViSalus Sciences’ Chief Marketing Officer, brings a world-class education and nearly a decade of industry experience to the table. Leading a team of talented creative minds, Mallen is responsible for the ViSalus brand, both domestically and internationally. Blake’s passion was to create a company that transcended boundaries to succeed where others have failed. As he rose to become a top producer in one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies, he noted the many things he would do differently if he were ever in a position to lead a company of his own.

That opportunity came into existence through a meeting with Dr. Michael Seidman that would be the genesis of ViSalus Sciences. When the opportunity arose to begin building ViSalus Sciences from its first days, Mr. Mallen was honored to have the chance to craft the company with a focus on empowerment and education, two traits that were instrumental in his growth.

As a student at the University of California at San Diego, Mallen became fascinated by the power of the human mind. Throughout his coursework in Psychology, he found himself asking the question, “how can I help people achieve their dreams and learn to live a life filled with purpose?” This question ignited Mr. Mallen’s drive to be a service-oriented leader. He used his time in college to begin his career as an entrepreneur, growing a Network Marketing business as he completed his degree.

Mallen’s small business soon grew to cover much of the western United States, demanding that Blake devote his attention to the sustained success of his career in business. By the time he graduated from UCSD with Honors, he was already out-earning many of his professors. Mallen soon rose to become a Top Producer in one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies, and has helped literally thousands of individuals go into business for themselves. Mallen was able to spark growth from a startup level to create a national brand in a matter of years.

His passion is surpassed only by his skills and business sense, which have combined for tremendous results. Blake brings a tenacity and work ethic that pushes the company to its highest potential. Blake has a belief and passion for people, and his unprecedented ingenuity, creativity, and innovation keep ViSalus two steps ahead of the rest of the industry.

Dr. Michael Seidman, MD
Director of Product Research & Development

Michael D. Seidman, M.D. attained both his B.S. in Human Nutrition and M.D. from the University of Michigan. After a five year residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, he completed a fellowship in Otologic / Neurotologic and Skull Base Surgery at the Ear Research Foundation in Florida. Dr. Seidman now serves as the Director of the Division of Otologic / Neurotologic Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery, Director of Otolaryngology Research Laboratory, Co-Director of the Tinnitus Center, the Chair of the Complementary / Integrative Medicine Program for a multi-million dollar health center. He is also a past President of the Michigan Otolaryngology Society.

Additionally, he is an active scientist and has extramural funding from the National Institute of Health and other major institutions. He is considered an expert on the molecular basis of aging, noise induced hearing loss, otologic / neurotologicskull base surgery, all aspects of ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgery, tinnitus, nutrition/antioxidants and their relationship to health and aging, and herbal therapies. He lectures around the world on such topics; has been featured in more than 80 major publications; numerous awards including being honored as one of the top 1% of Doctors in the USA, and has been awarded a US patent on a supplement that positively effects age-related hearing loss and has several patents pending on aging, mitochondrial function, and Alzheimer’s disease.

When ViSalus launched, Dr. Seidman became the head of Product Research and Development, whose emphasis is to promote health and enhance the lives of everyone through responsible vitamin, mineral, herbal, phytonutrient and enzyme supplementation. Dr. Seidman is also a Co-Editor for the International Tinnitus Journal and is on the Editorial Review Board for seven major Otolaryngology Journals and the Journal for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Additionally he has been appointed to the Scientific or Medical Advisory Board of the Self Help for Hard of Hearing People Inc., the Life Extension Foundation, IntraEar, the Ear Research Foundation, Arches Company, the American Tinnitus Association, Gel Tech, BASF (specifically on the work for SAMe) and WebMD (work related to anal sis of weight loss/nutrition software). He also serves as a consultant for many professional athletes, and is an advisor for several teams in the NHL, NFL MLB, and NBA.

Audrey Sommerfeld
Vice President of Marketing & Brand Development

Audrey Sommerfeld is an accomplished marketing executive with a distinguished career in the health & wellness industry. She parlayed her success in companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Neutrogena into a role as Vice President of Global Product Marketing for Herbalife International, a $2 billion company that spans 59 countries.

Sommerfeld now heads up ViSalus’ marketing efforts and is shaping the brand of the expanding ViSalus product line. Passionate about wellness, she is excited to unveil exciting new products, promotions and tools in the years to come.

John Tolmie
Vice President of Finance & Administration

John Tolmie brings to ViSalus a visionary approach to maximizing growth and profitability through a strong commercial focus. As Vice President of Shared Service for Allied Domeq, Tolmie oversaw accounting functions for the $4 billion company’s business in North America.

Based out of the ViSalus Sciences headquarters in Troy, Michigan, Tolmie oversees the financial and administrative operations of the business. He is committed to maximizing ViSalus’ profits, increasing shareholder value, and improving the level of service for every customer.

Ridgely Goldsborough
Director of Personal Development

Ridgely Goldsborough is a writer and speaker at heart. He began speaking and scribbling as soon as his mouth could open and fingers could curl around a pen. So began his career love affair, interrupted periodically by extensive schooling, international business, network marketing, and any number of self-initiated trades that provided the extensive history and experience that make Ridgley such a valuable asset today.

The journey took him through Law School, a number of private companies, going public, a large merger and back to his desk, a computer with a keyboard, and the daily challenge of following his dream of impacting the world.

Along the way, Ridgely founded and acted as publisher for Network Marketing Lifestyles magazine, Domain Street magazine and the Upline Journal along with authoring dozens of books, audio and video materials. He writes several books per year, and a Daily Column read around the world, in addition to the vision, leadership, and passion he provides for ViSalus.

Ridgely holds an undergraduate degree from The University of Virginia, a law degree from Whittier College School of Law, is fluent in five languages and has spoken to audiences throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Mexico and North America.

He brings his experience and education to ViSalus in the form of systems and mechanisms for personal and professional development while designing retreats and traveling around the country to develop the ViSalus leadership.

Mike Sheffield
Compensation Consultant

Mike Sheffield, Compensation Consultant Michael L. Sheffield (MLM Consultant) is President of Sheffield Resource Network, an internationally recognized Direct Sales and Multi-Level Marketing consulting firm focusing on startup operations, compensation plan design and product line development. His firm has provided marketing and management consulting to over 500 MLM, Party Plan and Direct Selling companies in the U.S. and abroad. He has worked internationally assisting companies in Norway, England, Germany, Russia, Holland, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, India, Thailand, Japan and China.

Mr. Sheffield began his career as a successful distributor and later founded two successful Network Marketing companies with combined sales exceeding $30,000,000. As a leading spokesperson for the MLM industry, Mr. Sheffield conducts seminars and lectures worldwide. He has to his credit numerous appearances on television as well as radio including the Business Radio Network as an expert MLM business analyst. He has also appeared as guest lecturer at the Schools of Business at Arizona State University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Cincinnati, California Lutheran University, the University of Texas, and Anderson University. In addition, Mr. Sheffield has been a staff instructor on MLM compensation plans and marketing strategies at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In 1998, he was selected to make a presentation on behalf of Multi-Level Marketing at the Harvard Business School Association Symposium. Mr. Sheffield is one of the few Certified Professional Consultants to Management (CPCM) with specific emphasis on the Network Marketing Industry. Certification is granted by the National Bureau of Professional Management Consultants.

For nearly 30 years, he has directed his attention to serving in one or more areas as chief consultant, compensation plan developer and analyst, new product advisor, and resource agent for many companies including Alticor/Amway, Nikken, NuSkin, AOL, Home Shopping Network, The Fuller Brush Company, Time Warner and The Service Master Corporation to name a few. His writings have appeared in many national publications including Network Marketing Lifestyles, The Direct Sales Journal, WealthBuilding Magazine, MLM News Magazine, Product Launch Magazine, Powerline Magazine, and Network Marketing Business Journal. His regular column in the Network Marketing Business Journal, called “Product of the Month”, has served as an independent review of the product lines of over 100 U.S. and foreign based MLM companies over the past fifteen years. He has been the subject of feature articles in Success Magazine, Network Marketing Lifestyles, and Business Start-Ups, published by Entrepreneur Magazine. He also served as the Direct Sales and MLM expert for Entrepreneur Magazine’s website,

Mr. Sheffield has received numerous honors including MLMIA’s Presidents Award for Industry Support as well as the Association’s prestigious Consultant of the Year award. He is a Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the MultiLevel Marketing International Association and in 2001 he was inducted into the MLMIA Hall of Fame.

With such extensive industry and professional background, Mr. Sheffield brings a great deal to the table for ViSalus as a consultant and expert on the ViSalus Compensation plan to guarantee ViSalus represents the best in the industry.

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