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Shaklee Asthma Testimonial

Sunday 24 June 2007 @ 6:36 pm

Team – what a HUGE testimonial! Rob is a young, healthy guy and shouldn’t need to be on prescription meds everyday! But until Shaklee, nobody ever told him that – I guess the Docs just kept filling the prescription as if there was no other CHOICE. Well as you and I know, there are TWO […]

Another Great Cinch Testimonial

Sunday 24 June 2007 @ 5:28 pm

Angie Svenby’s testimonial is SO GREAT!! Cinch ABSOLUTELY works!! I talked to Jeannie this morning and she said that you were looking for testimonials on Cinch. I have one and you may use it if you would like. I started on the Cinch Plan on Monday, September 11 and have been faithfully using the Cinch […]

Shopping With Shaklee

Sunday 24 June 2007 @ 5:16 pm

The Rosentreter’s have got Shaklee in December figured out!! This is a GREAT idea that we all need to be doing! Thanks for passing this on G&A! ……..did 90+% of my Christmas shopping last night just sitting here at home while it was snowing and blowing outdoors!!! Shopped from my seat and not my feet!! […]

Using Oprah in a Healthy Home Presentation

Friday 22 June 2007 @ 9:58 pm

Hey Team, I’m forwarding a great e-mail on how powerful home meetings are, but before you read that one, I wanted to share one of our stories. Michele and I did a home meeting just last week (using the Oprah video of course) and these were our results: # of guest – 7 4 became […]

Finding the right person makes a difference

Friday 22 June 2007 @ 9:47 pm

Greetings, The following is a great example of growth taking place for Monica Marrone. My comments in blue. Gary Hi Gary, I just wanted to let you know that April was even better than March. I had 14 people come into my group. Nine that I personally sponsored. I broke 5000 PV for the first […]

Top 10 Reasons to Go to Nashville!!

Wednesday 20 June 2007 @ 10:32 pm

Hi Team! Have you registered for Nashville? Are you still thinking about whether or not to go? I encourage you to make the decision today. Decide to go and bring as many on your team as possible. Here’s why… Top 10 Reasons to Go to Nashville!! 10. It is a great tax deduction! 9. Be […]

Sharing your 2-minute Story

Wednesday 20 June 2007 @ 10:03 pm

Sharing your 2-minute Shaklee Story Remember when sharing our stories with others, to speak with the listener in mind. Specifically, that means you might want to consider touching on four points in your story that we know are four major questions a new person often has when first introduced to Shaklee … 1. When and […]

Shaklee In The news

Wednesday 20 June 2007 @ 9:52 pm

Shaklee’s Get Clean Products on Oprah On April 20, 2007 in celebration of Earth Day, Shaklee’s Get Clean products were featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Get Clean products were celebrated for being safe, non-toxic and for creating a positive health impact for your family. This national recognition is proving to be another landmark event […]

Shaklee Basic H – A Religious Experience.

Wednesday 20 June 2007 @ 8:52 pm

I have a great testimonial: Last Sunday there was an accident with the grape wine used for communion. One of the trays of wine fell and splashed all over Pastor Raff’s white robe, the carpet and the white Hardanger, Norwegian handwork, alter cloth. Grape wine, the hardest to get out of anything. We soaked it […]

Shaklee Opportunity Toll Free Success Line

Wednesday 20 June 2007 @ 8:36 pm

Here’s a great new tool to support you as you introduce new people to the power of the Shaklee Opportunity. And it’s FREE. Dial 1-866-490-4311 to access the following great 3-minute Shaklee Success Stories: Roger Barnett – Shaklee Chairman & CEO explains why he and his family believe Shaklee is the Crown Jewel of the […]

Shaklee in Fortune, the New York Times and more

Wednesday 20 June 2007 @ 6:10 pm

It’s Lee and Jennifer Scifres here again. You were recently looking for a home-based business, and were checking out my website. But I noticed you didn’t get all the way through the video (when we talk, ask me how I know that). That’s OK, because there’s still time… I have some g-r-e-a-t news! We are […]

Global Conference Testimonials

Tuesday 19 June 2007 @ 7:04 pm

Gary & Ailene Rosentreter Having never attended a major conference before, we really didn’t know what to expect when going to Shaklee’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco last summer. It had been promoted by our upline but we did not realize what a positive impact this top notch event would have in our business […]

Cinch Testimonial

Tuesday 19 June 2007 @ 7:01 pm

Hi Everyone, Just a quick update on my weight loss. I’ve been using Shaklee’s Cinch product for just over 3 weeks and have lost 15 lbs! I’ve lost many inches as well, it’s not always about the pounds. However, I know many relate better to pounds lost. Anyway, I wanted to share some simple observations […]

Basic H2 – Bug Removal

Tuesday 19 June 2007 @ 5:22 pm

I wanted to share with you something that I just discovered. Low and behold, you know that we have a terrible love bug problem in this area and they get all over the front bumper and windshield etc and then dry and stick there forever!!!! Well. I just spay 50/50 mixture of Basic H2 onto […]


Tuesday 19 June 2007 @ 5:07 pm

We were sitting around the Eagles Nest last weekend and talking about lots of different stuff when OmegaGuard came up … one or two of the people commented that a few of their customers had complained about a “fishy” taste (with OmegaGuard) … Pat suggested that they tell their customers to keep the OmegaGuard in […]

Shaklee Opti-Flora

Tuesday 19 June 2007 @ 4:59 pm

Thanks to Shaklee I was eating a bag of sliced apples today… (I couldn’t eat fruit for about 10 years, but now “Opti-Flora” has CURED me of all my digestive problems)!! Anyway on the back of the bag it said “Don’t forget to eat 6-9 servings of fruits and veggies every day”. WHAT ??? Who […]

Get Clean Testimonial

Wednesday 13 June 2007 @ 6:27 pm

Hello Shaklee Friends, Something major just happened in our Shaklee life and I want to share it with you right away. UPS came up the driveway this afternoon, like they have been doing for 33 years, and they had a Shaklee delivery for us. This time it was a different kind of delivery. Instead of […]

Cinch Tea Testimonial

Wednesday 13 June 2007 @ 5:36 pm

We had a group go to Lansing tonight to get a refresher/overview from the San Francisco Golden Anniversary. Dr Jamie McManus, Rick Seymour Rod Larkin and Teresa Radtke shared the latest from Shaklee. We heard from many people in the area who have lost over 10 pounds with cinch just since it’s release in at […]

Cinch Testimonial

Wednesday 13 June 2007 @ 5:18 pm

Russ, I have lost 10 inches in 2 weeks. This is by far the easiest “diet” I have ever been on. I tried the Atkins diet a couple of years ago… I had results but I started noticing my hair was beginning to fall out… it messed with my thyroid and had to go to […]

Basic-H Testimonial

Wednesday 13 June 2007 @ 5:06 pm

Last weekend, Forreston had a town-wide garage sale. We had some stuff to put out and I decided to sell my car. We have 3 cars and I really don’t need the extra expenses (gas, oil, insurance, license plates, etc.). So I took the car over to the local car wash, sprayed it off, and […]

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