Does Cinch Weight Management from Shaklee work?

Wednesday 27 June 2007 @ 9:12 pm

Hey everyone…if you know ANYONE interested in losing either a few pounds or a LOT of pounds NATURALLY…refer them to Cinch!!!! If you are a customer with Shaklee and getting this email…talk to your Shaklee Distributor and ask them to help you order your first 30 days of Cinch – 100% guaranteed. March 2007 Cinch™ […]

Testimonial Shaklee Cinch

Sunday 24 June 2007 @ 7:01 pm

Sandy is 60 years old and is diabetic. She was a little cautious about going on the Cinch Plan because she was having great results with the Shaklee Essential Foundation, and didn’t want to risk changing… But because she wants to build a business, Sandy decided to give it a try. She started on Shaklee’s […]

Cinch Testimonial

Tuesday 19 June 2007 @ 7:01 pm

Hi Everyone, Just a quick update on my weight loss. I’ve been using Shaklee’s Cinch product for just over 3 weeks and have lost 15 lbs! I’ve lost many inches as well, it’s not always about the pounds. However, I know many relate better to pounds lost. Anyway, I wanted to share some simple observations […]